Sunday, April 27, 2008

peek into randomness

peek into randomness

Something I snap when jogging in the morning.

This kind of tree looks nice in the day.

... But darn creepy at night.

I can't resist a shot some shots when I see the sky being all bright and clear. As I've always quoted: "Makes for good photography."

Err... And yes, I was driving.

Yeah, as you can see, I'm on the right-most lane.

. . . . .

Okay, on to the next few!

Dining with cousins Nor & Sue.

Been sometime since we had a wacky day night out together.

We ordered so much food, they filled the table.

The people at Breeks had better invest in bigger tables or start using smaller plates, seriously.

Foreground: 'Chicken Pattie Melted'

Behind it: Caesar Salad w/ Smoked Salmon

To its right: Waffle Fries

(L) Nor & her 'Pan-seared Blackpepper Seabass'
(R) Sue & her 'Fish & Shrimp Lafayette'

Desserts were Brownies w/ Warm Cheese Sauce & Towering Cioccolatto. No pics available because we gorge on them as soon as they arrive.

Yes, greedy ones, we were.

Once you binge, you go all the way.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

another randomness


Saw that the padestrian light will go green in my favour so I ran towards it.

"...any second now," I thought

I reached the junction and saw that the red man remained lit.

"...Phew," I didn't miss it after all.

...Or so i thought.

Seconds later, the green man still remain unlit. And the traffic running parallel to us have already moved.


No one pressed the padestrian crossing button!

Six people at the junction and NOT A SINGLE ONE bothered to press the freaking button!

I was the latest to arrive and I'm only the one who noticed this??!

All these goondus have this quizzical look on their face like a miracle had happened that the green man didn't come on when the vehicular traffic already moved.

Had I known this, I wouldn't have ran like mad, with my gym bag and all.

Speaking of gym, just why the heck did I bring back my clothes when I have no intention to work out? Lugging my clothes and shoes to and fro. And I'm even skipping gym tomorrow!


I did go to the gym but to make payment, that's all.

Coincidentally, my bro also 'pai tao' from his RT so I made plans for dinner. Just the both of us.

Missed the old days, man! Somehow, things been different since I got attached.

*sigh...* With me committed to either gym, OTs or even my other half, somehow, I've neglected some quality time with my dear bro....

And I'm not even married and moved out yet....


I suddenly recalled when we talked just now, on the way back home, about me moving out when I get married.

"...then I'll be alone at home..."


Excuse me. I think I'm gonna cry.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

red light on

the red light is back on again...


So we fret and gripe, the monthly arrival of the oft unwelcome 'friend'.

Have you ever gone thru' a phase when it actually stop coming??? More than 2 months ok.

And I'm still single and yet untouched, thank you.

It's pretty agonising, when the PMS comes and goes, comes and goes and the red light remains unlit.

Frustrating to say the least. I'm close to consulting the physician.

Like it or not, I have to succumb to the pressure and resort to the ultimatum.


What?? I dislike puineapples, can?

Like, TOTALLY shun it.

So I had a can of pineapple juice at Desaru.

Bought a slice of pineapple on Tuesday, consumed on Wednesday (I believe that it will lose it's sourness after a day).

Ate another slice on Thursday, this time of the Sarawak variety (much sweeter!).

Friday, I had the familiar discomfort in my abdomen.

And yeasterday, the red light beamed. Bright and clear.

Hooray! *red indian dance*

Oh, it's not just the pineapples, I believe. I forgot to mention that I had not gone for a single gym session since Desaru.

Those not aware, it is possible that Excercise Can Interrupt our Menstruation. In some cases, that is.

Or read THIS.


Friday, April 18, 2008

kai's bdae

kai's bdae

So we had the Choc. Brownie Cheesecake during Khamz bdae.

For Kai's bdae yesterday, we had THIS.

Crepe with banana and choc fudge, topped with vanilla ice-cream.

Oh and these mousse(es?), too.


It's all about the desserts, I tell ya!

Despite all that, Kai, Khamz & I still yearn for the cheap but definitely power-kedemak fondue at Golden Mile Food Centre.

Oh wait, is that screaming that I hear...?

Must be the dietitian. Or maybe my gym trainer.

Or maybe it's just my mum (can u please cut down on the chocolates already??!).

It's just crazy when we meet up. Them and their sweet-tooth. I remember us going all the way to Central just to get cupcakes. And we bought one of each variety to have a taste. Geez!

Oh, then there's the new addition.

In the form of the ever-so-affable Agil.

Him with the hilarious personality.

Love to watch him and Khamz having a standoff. Ouwh..!

Makes for good entertainment.

Hope you enjoyed our company, Birthday Boy!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Desaru ~ 12-13 Apr '08

Invited by Rufeah to join her on her company trip for some "cycling at Desaru'. I agreed on the spot.

It's something I've always dreamt of doing. My uncle took pride in telling me how interesting it is to cycle there. He always cycle to the ferry terminal from his home at Pasir Ris and continue to cycle at least another 10 km when he's there.

Needless to say, I was intrigued.

The people who went on the trip were a great bunch. Seeing that their organisation is very big (SPH), there were people from various depts. and they get to know each other from trips like this, which are organised by the Sports & Leisure Dept.

Kudos to Steven & Huat Chye (Syafeeq) for making this trip happen. You guys are good, man! Esp. Huat Chye who kept everyone in high spirits with the chaos he created with everytime he open his mouth.

Truth to be told, I've never known a guy who can talk so much, non-stop. So much for being 'under-the-weather'. His voice definitely betray that with everytime he had a banter with us all.

The cycling was rad! I had worn a long-sleeved tee to protect myself from the hot sun. It eventually come in handy to protect me from the cold instead, as the dark clouds came over, along with chilly winds followed by some slight drizzle.

That plus the breath-taking views... PRICELESS! Sorry no pics. I'd hate to stop just to take pics and break my momentum.

Oh, I gotta mention this!

I got lost! Haha! And I didn't know it!

I had tried to wait for Rufeah, who had trouble keeping up because she had a bad fall the day before and it affected her cycling (doesn't help that the bikes kinda' sucked) so we sort of lag behind the others.

I eventually came upon Huat Chye and the M'sian guy in charge of our safety, who stood by the car parked at the roadside, looking out for speeding cars. They told us to 'go ahead' while they wait for her.

By the time I moved on after the brief stop, I didn't notice that the others had turned right into the kampung road ahead.

While I did the most obvious thing... Cycle straight ahead.

Funny thing is, there were other cyclists some 100m behind me and Huat Chye was a mere 30m from the road where they turned in at. And NO ONE noticed I went the wrong way!

So I happily cycled straight ahead for 1/2 hour?? or so. Without realising I had strayed. It did cross my mind, though. The fact that there were no other cyclists in front. Or even behind. I had thought, "Was I cycling sooo slowly that I can't catch up?"

Then I received a call from Rufeah's hp. "Bayya, you didn't turn just now, isit?"

"Yeap. I cycled straight ahead."

"Oh, ok. Stay where you are. The marshal will come and get you."

Then it dawned upon me... *slaps forehead* I went the wrong way??! Erk...?!

The marshal went back & forth like 4x but kept saying he can't find me. Turned out, he didn't expect me to go SO far ahead. I told them I just passed the signboard of a certain resort and gave the name to be "Tanjung or Telok B... something2x."

After almost 20mins of waiting and more calls later, they eventually ask, "Is it Sungai Kapal Resort?" Ahaha... So that's the resort's name, huh?

Funny thing is, my instincts did tell me to take note of landmarks. And I did! Somehow my memory did what my instincts didn't...

...Fail on me. Wah Lau! 'Tanjong/Telok B....' and 'Sungai Kapal'. How different is that?

The marshall came after ard 5mins. First thing he said, "Wah you go so far, ah you?" He thought I was chinese. So when I replied in Malay, he was taken aback.

"Dah berapa jauh saya pergi?" (how far have I gone?)

"Nak 2km dah nie.." WHAT??! Almost 2km and I didn't know I went the wrong way??! Silly thing is, I didn't take a single pic when I got bored waiting for the marshal to arrive! Pfft!

Luckily I was at the main road and it turned out to be the eventual route cos' the others soon caught up. First thing I heard from Steven, "Wah, not bad ah you. Desaru solo cycling trip!"

So my getting lost became the butt of jokes till our departure.... Geez!

We proceed to the resort next.

Stayed at Desaru Holiday Chalet. The place has a nice concept. Resort by the beach. Spacious chalets. Adventure games within the premise....

If only they maintained the whole bloody place! Bits of things are falling apart, some switches dun work, lights w/o bulbs, rooms w/o lights, malfunctioned water heater. Air-cons that off on it's own, tv in some chalet and none in others, bad flushing and the list go on...

I'm amazed that I can still cross that dilapidated bridge leading to the beach. I thought it's gonna collapse!

Luckily the chalets are kept clean. And the food's good!

Our meals were only 1 lunch, BBQ dinner and breakfast. But since we'll be checking out late, the management throw in a free lunch before departing!

Went shopping at Kota Tinggi after lunch. Was disappointed to see that 'mini Kelantan' was already demolished and a new one was still under construction. Was more disappointed that there was no A&W in sight and had to settle for Marrybrown...

Then it's the BBQ dinner, followed by a Firefly Tour down the Johor River. At the jetty, we saw only sampans and there were more than 20 of us. We all thought that we'll being going in almost 10 sampans for the tour.

Then we got on a wooden deck and were told to sit on the neatly arranged plastic chairs. I then thought that we have to take turns going on a small boat so we'll be waiting there.

Then the 'deck' moved. Oh, so that deck was actually a barge! Geez! The darkness that we were engulfed in makes for better viewing of the fireflies. Also for a superb star-gazing experience.

Back from the tour, Ruf and I got so tired we slept early. The others either went karaoke-ing, drinking or play cards.

I spent early next morning snapping photos. Just too bad the sun didn't rise from where we were located. Would have taken some nice sunrise shots.

Breakfast was nasi lemak. Sedaap! I was was apprehensive at first because the sambal was a tad spicy and we had some activities directly after breakfast. So I avoided all dairy products that morning. From the cornflakes with milk to the teh tarik (darn!).

I managed to drag Ruf to follow me to the beach right after breakfast. It'll be such a waste to stay by the beach and not step onto it.

We were divided into 2 groups for our following activities. All partners were separated into different groups. Ruf's group did the go-kart 1st while mine did archery.

Archery was done in the same field used for horse-riding. Not surprisingly, there were horse dung all over the field. Hah! They dun stink that much, though.

First time doing archery... And I sucked. Dun ask how many points I got. I got poor marksmanship. Period.

Go-Kart was a blast! The machines may look old but boy! They sure go fast! And it's cheap too! RM15 for 5 rounds. Though we were given discount and can go 7 rounds for the same amount.

Huat Chye went a step further and declared that RM15 was for EIGHT rounds. The proprietor reluctantly agreed. That guy's good, man!

I innocently went an extra round. What?? I tot' he told me, "Last Round." I didn't know he meant, "Ok, stop."

Packed up after the activities. Walked on the beach en route to the chalet. Gonna miss it!

Has our fantastic free lunch of chicken rice. Imagine chicken rice as a buffet spread! Power!

Stopped by the Desaru Fruit Farm shop before heading to Tj. Belukor Ferry Terminal.

Then it's back home.

Pretty tiring trip. But a very satisfying one, too!

**click on pics to get to album**

Monday, April 14, 2008

back from desaru

back from Desaru

My face looks dark here due to bad lighting.

NOT due to too much time under the sun.

But it does make me seem like I'm standing in front of a movie screen.

Oh well...

Desaru was hell-a-lotta' fun!

Leisure cycling down the roads of Pengerang, some shopping at Kota Tinggi, the boat ride down the river in total darkness- to see fireflies, trying a hand at archery and the go-karting...

Yes, all that over the weekend.

Crazy? You bet. And we didn't even venture out for the karaoke-ing after the firefly tour...

Many, many thanks to Rufeah, who invite me to join her for her company trip. Great bunch of people, there!

Ok, I'm still bushed. And my bum's still sore from the cycling.

More of the trip later, when I upload the photos.

Till then!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

shyba birthday

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y S H Y B A !

Thousand apologies for overlooking your birthday.

Here's wishing you all the best in everything you do and may you get whatever you've always dreamt of. Be it the tour to the countries you love, meeting the people you want and knowing whatever you need to know. Oh, and getting what you want.

May you always be in the best of health and attain happiness amongst your loved ones. And may you always be guided in the right path.


Oh, here are little somethings that can (hopefully) make up for my tardiness is giving your birthday wishes...

Hope you like them!

broken hearted

excuse me, while i nurse this (severely) broken heart

i struggled so hard to wake up, only to see my boys lose.

so we were denied of a penalty in the previous game?

now we supposedly 'conceded' a penalty that wasn't.

that was a superb strike by torres, by the way.

and walcott... WOW! you blew me away.

let's not talk about that stoopid last goal shall we?

look at the time i blogged this.

yes, i typed this even before the game was over. my heart hurt so bad, i just need to let it out... ):

so wenger. can we just focus on the premiership and bring home that title instead?



Tuesday, April 08, 2008

planet b-boy

yet another dance movie documentary

Those who know me will know how much I detest hip-hop music. The current type, that is.

The old skool ones, I can tolerate. Not those of this 'bling-bling' generation where it's all about the (expensive) booze, (cheap) women and all the luxury there is.

Like, Whatever!

Anyway, old-skool hip-hop comes hand-in-hand with break-dancing, no?

I love break-dance. Not that I enjoy DOING it, cos' hell no. My body's stiff as a stick and I'm scared to do somersaults.

Yes, I dun' mind bungy, darkness, roller coaster rides or crocodiles and snakes. Just don't make me do cartwheelss. Or flips. Or whatever.

That and geckos. I'm fine with the others.

Back to the point. Check this out!


Did you see that??! You see that?! Oh, wow. Makes me delirious, man!

Problem is, I'm not sure if it's gonna show in Singapore. Anyone have any idea? If not, I just have to wait for the DVD to be released.


Monday, April 07, 2008



my mood's been pretty turbulent lately. damn these hormones! i've gotta pay my doc a visit already. it's been wayyy too long!

by being moody, i mean... well, getting around to doing things. spontaneously.

oh, dun make me list out the things i've done when i'm like this (and no, it never involve anything kinky).

i'm just a few thousand dollars short of backpacking in europe. on a whim, mind you.

or simply a few hundred dollars short of flying to sabah and hike the majestic mount kinabalu. after which, i'll head for sipadan for some diving. the water's great, i see.

or simply fly up north and backpack around the Golden Triangle. i'll start with vietnam, followed by cambodia, then nothern thailand and end at laos. despite their famous reputation (as to how they attain that nick), i'd say that i go there simply to take in the sights and their culture.

nothing to do with any (specific) plants that can make you high.


... simply lie in bed and daydream away.

with the impending nuptials next year, do i even dare to plan for any trips (budget, babe. budget!)?

ok, well. do excuse that little weekend getaway to desaru with rufeah this week, though (i'm sooo looking forward to it!).

that reminds me that i have some packing to do. i hate packing... -_-

talk about nuptials, it suddenly dawn upon me that the wedding is mine. MINE. and i get about planning it like it's someone else instead.

the procrastinator in me is starting to rear its ugly head. i just don't feel like other to-be brides, who plan for the best within their budget.

me? i don't plan at all! it's less than a year to the big day, isn't it? :P

oh, and good news!

...or not.

i finally figured out the mystery behind my recurring back pains!

it's pretty dumb when i think that the answer is just a google click away. i mean, i'm the 'googler' among my peers and yet i didn't think of that. geez!

accompanied my dad for his appointment with this orthopaedic therapist and i contemplated giving it a shot. somehow, the lady who had made an appointment in the time slot after my dad didn't appear so he treated me instead.

feeling my back and where i complained to be the source of the pain (in the presence of my parents, mind you!), he figured out why. he described the instances when the pain will appear and i kept nodding and nodding.

man, he figured it out!

even though he didn't specifically give the name to the problem, i managed to google it up and find it.


sounds all triumphant, aye? i mean, L-O-R-D-osis. so mighty, like that.

yeah, because the pain that comes with it. sure hurts like a bitch!

and you know what? i was encouraged to slouch instead. cos' sitting up straight will only bring on the pain. and it dawn upon me that it is soooo true.

i couldn't agree more! how often do you have someone encouraging you to slouch?

haha. slacker!

oh you should see the look on his face when my parents told him my real age (i refused to answer that question). he told us that he thought me to be merely 18!!!

hwahaha! and i was all dressed up with make-up and high heels (just came back from a wedding reception)!

but he did mention something that made me pretty crestfallen.

i can't do major stretching workouts. no yoga. no pilates.

uwaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!! *sob*

Saturday, April 05, 2008

lmao - 'ken lee'


An excerpt from Bulgarian Idol's auditions.

I didn't know Mariah Carey has a song called, "Ken Lee". In fact, when you discover the actual song title, it's not even close to THAT!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

arsenal vs l'pool

that's a bitch of a draw

Dun mind me. I just need to get this outta' my system.

So Arsenal lag behind since Pool had got an away goal advantage. Geez!

I like Pool. Really! But they're against my Gunner boys so I'm not sparing them the rod.

Their first goal was due to some fast, aggressive attacking by Gerrard. I like!

Gunners had the ball in their court most of the 2nd 1/2. Intense!

Walcott's good. Too bad he's short. At least he's fast.

The referee needs to get his eye checked. Badly.
If being pulled back by the shoulders IN FRONT of the goal doesn't deserve a penalty, then I dunno what will.

Bendtner is an idiot.
He killed that goal, man. That was a good attempt by Adebayor and he killed it just by being there. And this ain't no ghetto speak. He LITERALLY killed that goal.

To football fans, that was an entertaining match. But to us Arsenal & L'pool fans, it's a really frustrating one at that.

Oh, so Fenerbache won 2-1 over Chelsea. Oh well, it's them who scored ALL the goals, to start with.

Ok, dah. I feel better now.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

ferrari and porsche

eh, like same liddat...

Is it just me or do you feel the same?

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Porsche Cayman S