Wednesday, October 31, 2007

halloween costumes?

Ideas for halloween costumes

Courtesy of POPSEOUL!

"....Still not sure what you want to be for Halloween this year? Don’t worry, POPSEOUL! has the perfect solution for you. You can represent your favorite Hallyu star with a little bit of courage and creativity..."

Dancing Queen Chae Yeon

Things to get:
beaded curtains
flashy lingerie
hot tanned bod

First put on your lingerie and make sure that they are in tightly in place because nothing else will cover you up.

Then carefully wrap around the beaded curtain on your neck and let it fall, as if your body was a wall and voila, you are Chae Yeon.

But before you walk out the door, get used to the beads bouncing on your body whenever you move.

Bada, The Official Ajumma (auntie)

Things to get:
cheap perm
clothes banned from the 80s
desire to become an ajumma

Find the most runned-down salon near your neighborhood and ask for their cheapest perm.

Then start your Halloween costume scavenger hunt in your mom’s closet and look for the loudest and the ugliest outfit.

Wear it and pretend that you are all that.

Now you are Bada.

Eun Chan - from Coffee Prince

If you want your Gong Yoo fantasy to come true, then why not dress up as Eun Chan (the tomboy chracter) and hope for Han Kyul (Gong Yoo's character in the drama) to walk by while you are out trick or treating.

Things to get:
over-worn and over-sized t-shirts
outdated sneakers and ugly jeans
duct tape
tomboyish attitude and some Taekwondo kicks

First, duct tape your valuable assets to flatten them like a boy’s (if you are already flat, then congratulations you can skip the tape), and then put on the rest of the clothes.

That was easy, now here’s the hard part.

Practice speaking in Eun Chan’s annoying voice, blowing your hair whenever you are pissed and sitting down with your legs wide apart. Once you have Eun Chan’s signature moves down, you are set to go out and look for Han Kyul.

. . . . . . . . . . .

There's more at the actual site. Look out for the one about Park Jin Young (JYP). That's the most hilarious.

Ok, yeah. I'm bored. So there.

Monday, October 29, 2007

sg wannabe timeless

more mega korean movie drama music videos

SG WannaBe's first MV, Timeless.

Okay..... Not to be mistaken with the other mega MV by Jang Ri In feat. Xiah Junsu, the song also (coincidentally) called Timeless.

There are 2 parts to this MV (not surprisingly), with each being almost 10mins long. And 2 different songs, actually.

The song, Timeless MV emphasize more on the guy's part, the other song called Jug Eur Man Keum Sa Rang Haess Eo Yo (I Loved You To Death) is the girl's version.

Those soft-at-heart, get the tissues ready. Don't say I didn't remind you...

Do pinch yourself every now and then to remind thyself that this is merely a MUSIC VIDEO.

Seduction? check. Drama? check. Car chases? check. Explosions? check. Gun-fight? check. A twist in the end? check.

All in under 10 mins. Nary a dialogue. Song playing in the background . . .

*pinched self* This is just an MV... This is just an MV...

Jug Eur Man Keum Sa Rang Haess Eo Yo (I Loved You To Death).

By the way, the police woman in the MV is Kim Yun Jin, the actress in the famed American TV Series "Lost"... and the guy is Kim Nam Jin.

There's a 3rd vid, actually. It's edited to have both parts combined. By the time I'm done watching that one, I got so numb.

There's only so much drama that I can accept in MVs.

this. is. too. much.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

selfish ingrates!

selfish ingrates!

I read this article in POPSEOUL. It got me fuming mad.

" ... Sexy singer Mina’s father passed away yesterday, but her management company kept this sad news from her, for they are worried that her performance in the states might be compromised. I can’t believe that her managers personally asked her family not to share the news about her father’s death. I would be appalled if I were her and would refuse to work with them in the future. What do you think? Did Mina’s management do the right thing?

...Mina came back to Korea yesterday and found out about her father’s death when she turned on her cell-phone and read text messages offering condolences. What a horrible way to find out about your father’s death! Mina couldn’t stop sobbing upon hearing the news because she was especially close to her dad....

RIP Mina’s father and my condolences to the family... "

I don't know what the heck her reaction to what the management did was.

But I was hoping that she stormed into their office, turned the interiors upside-down/inside-out and proceed to tear her contract (if there's any) in their faces.

She shouldn't care what their explanations were cos' all these screamed of their intentions being S-E-L-F-I-S-H !

Talk about being cruel.

Maybe they even threatened her family into zipping up. I mean, if I'm her family I'll go ahead and inform her anyway.

A death in the family is a good excuse as any to drop all plans and fly back home.

I really hope the management company gets the boot. They deserve it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

langsir raya

Langsir Baru Dirumahku

Hari Raya pasang langsir baru,
warnanya, fuh! jingga menyala.
Disangkanya untuk menyambut menantu,
dan bukan untuk Hari Raya.

Apakan tidak disangkanya begitu
berbunga emas, berlabuci juga.
Tetamu yang duduk didepan situ,
'berfeeling' macam pengantin baru!

Rupa ada, qualiti pun ada,
Berkain organza, berbunga molek.
Langsir yang kelass jangan disia-sia,
boleh kita 'recycle' balik!

Dikira semuanya ada 4 helai,
lebarnya cukup, panjangnya berjela.
Rasanya memanglah cukup muai,
dibikin baju untuk kami sekeluarga!

Kalau nak 'idea' yang boleh dijamin,
boleh kita simpan untuk sesuatu istimewa.
Barang siapa yang nak bajet pelamin,
boleh 'negotiate' harga untuk disewa!

Monday, October 15, 2007

slamat hari raya 07

Slamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2007

Sorry, lah. Raya dah 3 hari baru nak buat ucapan.

Itu 'mood' rayer lambat sikit nak sampai....

2 hari berayer sakan barulah dapat terima hakikat, bahawa inilah hari raya.

Thank goodness my bro existed during the 1st 2 days (a rarity!) so most of the driving duties were handed to him.

Because, with my close relatives located ALL over Singapore, it's quite a challenge driving with ma heels.

But then again, I always go barefoot under such circumstances aniwae.

Ok, another one:

Slamat Hari Rayer. Maaf Zahir & Baten, yer!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

korean drama ost

My fave Korean dramas OST

Ok. I love the story. And I love the music in the story.

These will link you to my MUSIC page in my multiply.

My Girl

My Lovely Samsoon

Mawang/The Devil

Capital Scandal/Scandal In Old Seoul

I Am Sam/ I am Teacher


too much korean

when your family watched too much korean schtuffs...

Ok, with KBS (StarHub ch.100) as our staple channel daily (yes, including the weekend); it comes as no surprise, doesn't it?

Signs showing your family watched too much korean dramas:
- When a resounding cry of, "Om-ma (mum)!" in a crowded supermarket had my mum quickly looking for me.

- When I abruptly said, "Chakam-man (wait)!" as my dad is walking away, he stopped, looked back and waited.

- When I playfully mumbled the word, "Abu-ji (dad)," my dad turns. I like the sound of that word.

- When I queued at a counter and my brother is at another further down, he came over when I cried, "Oppa (elder brother)!"

- When my parents nod their heads, acknowledging my gratitude when I said, "Ko-mawo (thanks)."

- When my mum chuckled as I said, 'Bi-anata (sorry)" when I bumped into someone on the streets.

- When we hymn to the same Korean trot song.

- When I said, "Ai-goo, ai-goo (oh boy, oh boy)". And my parents ask what's wrong.


My dad loves the Korean trot (similar to America's country music and M'sia lagu Asli). He also loves their ballads (he's convinced Koreans have great voices). I love their music too. The songlist in my mp3 can vouch for that.

My mum and I love the dramas and variety shows. And the ladies fashion (we're still reeling from shock at the mens' fashion).

I love the men. My bro love the women.

And we all LOVE Korean food!

Monday, October 08, 2007

spring cleaning etc.

If there's something I'd admit to, is that spring cleaning happens only anually. Cos' I'm allergic to dust. That and the fact that I have to throw away things.

Somewhere down the bloodline, someone is like the 'karung-guni' - the malay term for someone who has a penchant for collecting old stuff; for both practical and sentimental reasons.

I inherit that trait.

I seriously have an issue with throwing things away. I'd rather stash them away than feel the loss; knowing that I can never see that item again.

But this year I was more... how do I put it..? Driven?? I throw away things that I had stashed away thru' the past spring-cleanings. Without batting an eyelid.

*breathes hard* Wow. I alone gathered 3 trash-bags full of junk (yes, i admit they are).

And the saddest part was to discard all the stuff from my poly days. My sketches and design proposals for the bungalow project in year 1, the condo project in year 2 and the commercial hub in year 3...

My sweat, blood and tears eventually beacame JUNK. And I kept them for 5 years. *sobs*

After all that cleaning, all my parents and I wanna do was to wash up and eat out. Fetched my bro and head to Bedok Corner.

My mum gave Gemelli the thumbs up. Even my bro who was never the pasta-fan volunteered to finish up her Chicken & Mushroom Penne in Cream Sauce.

I had the Marinara. FYI, since this stall used the authentic Italian names of the dishes, they dun even know what ma-ree-na-rah is. I found out later the actual Italian name is something else.

I love the hefty amount of clams and the thick rings of calamari and juicy prawns in that dish.

All remarked about the generous servings. They totally dig the thin pizza crust laden with that thick, thick layer of cheese.

And I saw that most of the tables around us had their own plate of pizza.

And with the hot weather that day, I tot' going there would help satiate my craving for cheng tng. After all the cheng tng there was the famous one, rite?

The queue was very long when I got there (naturally!). So I thought I'd wait till the queueing subside or until I've finished my meal. True enough, there was no longer a queue by the time I'm done. So I gleefully pulled my brother along.

I got there only to see the the hawkers cleaning up their stall. Literally.

NO WONDER there's no more queue! No more cheng tng! Pfft!

After that it's back to my family's favourite pastime. Sleep by the beach after dinner.

Lay down the mats, throw down the pillows and enjoy the breeze. Oooh, this is getting to be a habit.

I remember after my birthday dinner treat, my WHOLE family actually dozed off by the beach! I woke up the the flustered voice of my mum waking us up and hour later, saying that ALL of us had slept for almost an hour there. Whoa!

My mum will sometimes do what she does best. Count the flights that are landing. That Saturday night, the amount of flights that came in were freaky!

There were definitely more than 1 flights in a minute! And the planes were like queueing in the airspace, waiting for their turn to land at Changi airport. The period when we can't see any planes was brief. Cos' soon after, the all familiar twinkling lights came to view.

Man, that's quite an entry. Ok dah. Tired already.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

people in need

people in need ad campaign

Found these at OUTNEXT .

Some people have mixed feelings about this ad campaign. What say you..?

Food for a week €4

Access to water €8

Basics for a new home €6.50

50 liters of fresh water €1.50

Hope the actual messsage gets driven thru...

2 of my teams lost

2 of my teams lost. Geez!

I slept darn early last night (2030 actually, and that's because I took some medication) to wake up at 0300, only to see 2 of my teams lose.

And one of them is the reigning champion. Like wtf??!

AC Milan lost to Celtic, of ALL teams!

But then again Milan had their defense all over the friggin field except near the back, which is just so freaking frustrating. And the 1st goal was kinda an own goal! Grrr......

And Dida, stop being such sour grapes. Everyone can see that the BOY who ran across the pitch only gave you a small slap - not even a smack, near you nape. You don't have to pretend that it hurts like hell and is bruising your cheek.

You with the ice-pack being stretchered away? That doesn't cover the fact you conceded 2 goals.

And why does my Valencia have to bear the brunt of Chelsea's attempt of making a freaking comeback?!

I'm not being sour here but that was a handball on Joe Cole before that goal.

And I wasn't the only one to agree that it's been Valencia's game from the start. Just that Chelsea goal met the back of the net.

Grrr... *breathe in, breathe out*

. . . . . . . .

Ok, dah. Frustration over. Time to go back to work.

Oh yeah. Rafa? You screwed up AGAIN!

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

find Korean songs

need help funding Korean songs?

I know just how frustrating it is when you can't find the song that you want. Especially when u dun use things like Limewire, BearShare, Area etc. or even Torrent (seriously, I don't!).

Just drop me a line here in multiply or just email me at

Tell me the song title & singer. If it's an OST, tell me the drama title. Or movie, even.

I'll try my very best to find them.

Problem is, I dun speak nor read Korean and some songs come in their original Korean scripts so I may make some mistakes initially. Don't mind me.

barking up the wrong tree

barking up the wrong tree

Do you have stories that when recalled, make you smile that little smile? And people around you looked at you funny because you looked weird while doing that?

I can't help smirking everytime I recalled this story recounted by a friend of mine.

Let's call him Guy A. He is... well... just NOT into girls (I'm sure you get what I mean). Guy A dined out one day, with his... erm... 'darling', Guy B.

And where they dined, they were served by this girl who obviously gave Guy A 'the look'. You know - going all bashful, secret peeks, little giggles.

And Guy B, amused by the attention that 'his darling' got from her, cheekily took the opportunity to call her over to their table a couple of times, just to make menial enquiries. Asking her about the food & beverages in the menu, the membership card etc.

You wouldn't have suspected that 2 guys having a meal together to be a couple, rite?

Anyway, less than a week later, Guy A brought his gal-pal, Girl B to that same restaurant for dinner. Only at the restaurant, did he quietly point out Girl A to Girl B and recounted what happened previously.

Aghast, Girl B exclaimed "Man, I should really stay away from you."

And true enough, Girl A actually kept her distance. And the one time Guy A called her over, she was all awkwardness. Girl B felt almost sympathetic, knowing that Girl A had thought of her to be Guy A's girlfren.

"I really should stay away, you know. People are having the wrong idea." Girl B said, eyebrow raised.

Guy A was grinning, "Yeah, I think right now she's heart-broken because of you."

"You're not helping much, here..."

"Oh well, not that I'm interested anyway. It's just too bad she's barking up the wrong tree."


Monday, October 01, 2007

do I look like Wenger?

Believe it or not, that's the very 1st question I asked my parents when I don this sports jacket.

...Why the heck do I want to look like him anyway?

I mean, he looks like he has this eternal frown on him, utterly shrivelled wrinkled... In other words, frail.

And here's yet another something that I truly want but don't need. Something that I wont have much opportunity to wear, given Singapore's weather.

Thank you, Dad, Mum & Bro for the present. At least my constant hints in the Nike shop(s) didn't go to waste. *grins*

And bro, THAT jacket is waiting for me, man! The only one left and in MY size?? We're sooo fated for each other.