Thursday, August 30, 2007

teh tarik ice-cream

teh tarik ice-cream...yum!

Island Creamery
Serene Centre #01-05

This is what you indulge in when the boss is away. When it's raining cats and dogs outside. And your collegue happen to be in the Bt. Timah vicinity.

I can't say their ice-cream is the best but their teh tarik flavour is superb! I gotta drop by there one day. I heard they have milo and horlicks powder in what is usually the salt & pepper containers.

That's what I always do with my brother back when we were young. Sprinkle milo on our ice-cream. Hmm... Nostalgia.

Flavours tried:
Teh tarik (power! like any good 'teh peng' out there)
Nutella (good, check out those nutella chunks!)
Chendol (ok, la. But I prefer the brand 'Coolen')

Flavours to try:
Apple pie
Green tea & red bean
Bubor pulot hitam

I heard their mud pie is a killer!

I think it's cheaper to buy 3 tubs. Cost only $24 (I think). Each tub is usually $9.50 (I think). One scoop $2.50. 2 scoops $4. I can't say cheap, la. But affordable!

Maybe I should discard bubor pulot hitam and buy another tub of teh tarik.....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

wake-up song

wake-up song

Do you always encounter the "post-lunch syndrome"...? Happens usually between 3-5pm. Where your eyes start getting heavy, the attention span decreases and your focus is anywhere but at work. What more, given the weather nowdays, you'd wish you can snuggle up somewhere cozy and zzzz...

Here's something to wake you up. It works for me cos' it bolted me up from my slumber when my bro accidentally played this song w/o his earphones, late one night (oh yeah, he got one good smack on the back for that dimwit stance).

Be sure to PLUG IN YOUR EARPHONES before putting the volume on high. I mean it, or you'll end up waking up the WHOLE office. Even your boss in his room.

This guy's voice was sooo high (octave-7, maybe) that the level was almost unlisted. Talk about dynamic. Powerhouse. Fwah!

If his voice didn't wake you up, maybe his hairstyle will. I fell like putting my hand thru' the screen and flick his hair off his face.

By chance, I saw a lot of Korean names amongst the list of "Steelheart-She's Gone" videos. Most of the got their pitch at almost decent level while some had me wincing from the sheer horror of their forced over-strained vocals. I remember one Korean guy singing this song during the Asia Bagus! contest.

And this one here is the best. His voice was smooth, natural and the pitch. Almost there. Almost there, all right. Comparable to the original. But pardon his korean-accented English though.

Double dose of wake-up songs. Freshened up??

Should really consider using this song as my alarm clock.....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fireworks Aug

fireworks celebration @ Marina Bay

For the sake of my poor arms (nopes, no tripod), I took vids of the fireworks in parts. And this one here is the last one, which includes the (grand) finale.

I tell you huh, during the fireworks display, there was this ONE voice to stood out above the crowd. And WHAT A VOICE! I was the most SHRILL and FLAT voice I've ever heard coming from A MAN! And he was carrying his daughter going, "Waaaah!!!"

An the most irritating one has got to be, "Wahhh... Look like shooting star! Quick, Make a wish! Make a wish!"

WHAT THE....? "Make a wish..???!" Oh, gimme a break! And he repeat that over and over!

The best part...? My camera actually captured his voice!!!
Arrgh! All my earlier vids have his unmistakable voice, la!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ghost bus?

Ghost Bus???

I'm sure most of you are aware, that the Hungry Ghost festival has started. It's pretty evident yesterday, when you see people utilising the communal burning bins - burning 'hell-money' and joss-sticks rimmed the grass verge along the drains.

Won't be long before you see makeshift stages witht heir getai and wayang performances. Not forgetting the auctions. Then, there's always the ... ghost stories.

Anyway, this story was recounted by my brother's collegue. She had taken bus no. 14 from Orchard to Bedok around 2330hrs yesterday. Bus no. FOURTEEN ...Gettit? (according to some Chinese superstition, 14 is a 'bad' no. because it means, "sure-die")

She sat at the front-most seat on the upper deck. So she got a full-view of what goes on. Her gripe was that the bus moved at a pace "where it's faster if I walk". Maybe it's some exaggeration on her part but the bus was DEAD SLOW (pun intended).

If that wasn't bad enough, the bus driver actually stopped at ALL the bus-stops, despite there being NO ONE who hailed the bus or even alight. He even opened the door, okay?

The poor girl was so scared out of her wits that she alighted when the bus reached Bedok South. Her destination was Bedok nterchange. She did not even look back when walking away.

Since it's that time of the year, my bro and I decide to catch a movie or two and see if the same thing happened like when we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last year. You know, about how some cinemas had a whole row left empty during ther shows, despite a full-house..?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ungu live

Ungu Live in SG

**click on pic to get to album**

Taken during Ungu's showcase at Singapore Expo on 100807. Pretty small scale, actually.

Definitely not a full-blown concert, although I hope there's one in the works.

Opening acts by this talented instrumental guitarist, Rosli Mansor & the 'not-as-talented' New Boyz (did i get the spelling right?).

The show's was supposed to start at 745pm but they screwed-up the sound test/check and the first performance started only at 855pm. Made to queue for almost 1hr. That sucks big-time!

Despite the fuss about the sound, it still kinda suck doesn't seem good.

Anyway, I've watched a lot of live feeds of Ungu's concerts on the Indonesian tv channels and I know that Pasha's (the singer) voice quality kinda' dwindles towards the end and this one was no different.

But kudos to him for having good interaction wirth the crowd (though with the bad sound, accent and the speed at which he talked - I hardly understood what he said).

Good performance, nontheless. More showcases in S'pore please (not in Hard Rock, ah). Maybe by Nidji? Radja? Letto? Samsons? Or another one with PeterPan? Or SO7???

A short video I took when they perform the song, "Andai Ku Tahu". I spare you the agony of watching my other videos, where my hand got cramped up and shook so bad, I got giddy watching them.

However, if you insist, I got one other vid uploaded on multiply: Tercipta Untukku

**warning: vid taken with a pair of unsteady hands!**

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Flash Point

Flash Point

Having watched this one and Invisible Target within a fortnight of each other, I can't help comparing them both.

Both had their baddies in a group, with Invisible Target (IT) having the close-knit-former-soldiers-turned-robbers and Flash Point (FP) having 3 hardline-refugee-turned-smugglers from Vietnam who happend to be brothers.

Naturally being a tad shallow than I've always been, I preferred the much younger (and better-looking) cast in IT as compared to the older faces in FP, with th exception of Louis Koo, whom I believe help to draw in the female audience to watch this movie with their guys who came to gawk at the action sequences.

Then there's the obvious difference in the budget allowance. While in IT, you see this gorgeous mobile like the Lotus Exige (think it's just a model), other cars, posh restaurants and the new police station (also a replica) being made a wreck, with every glass on scene being smashed into smithereens.

FP only turned a roadside stall upside down and the most damage was done in an open lalang field, a riverside hut and a dilapidated house in the middle of nowhere. It helps that the movie was supposedly set in '97 so old cars were used (and damaged) and now-defunct phones were utilised. Although I suspiciously point at this certain car to be of a post-2000 model. hmm.... *rubs chin*

And the action scenes. More specifically the fights. Ahh..... The main reason why I totally dig HK action movies. Despite the action in IT being more consistent and evenly distributed throughout the movie, the fight sequences pale in comparison to FP. The fights done by the 3 youngsters come off as a tad ameteurish as compared to Donnie Yen's swashbuckling moves*like duh!*

This is a movie where the fighting scenes pack a superbly mean punch! Well, with Donnie Yen at the helm, I guess it all comes as no surprise. With martial arts choreography that come across as a mish-mash of kungfu, aikido, judo, boxing and even wrestling, one can't help being impressed and the speed at which they're executed.. wow! Breathtaking, to say the least.

If you stayed back even after the credits start rolling, you'll see how the stunts are done and not all are 'camera-tricks'. Like what they said in WWE, "The Pain Is Real"

Surprisingly, despite being heavy on the action, the movie doesn't stray from its plot (not that much there to start with). The touching bits are not really the love between Louis Koo's character - Wilson and his girlfriend but the obvious show of fillial piety in Donnie Yen's character and the antagonists (3 brothers) towards their mum. Guess there are lessons to be learnt there.

It's a pity that Donnie's dominace in this movie with all his fighting moves (despite his poor acting) kinda' overshadow Louis Koo's parts. I believe Louis have lots more to offer (besides looking good on screen). Even his previous movie role in Protege seemed so minimal.

Action movie buffs (esp. those who dig one-to-one fight sequences) should catch this. Girls, aside from Louis, you can ogle at Donnie's hot bod (shows it a lot). This movie makes me wanna invest in a punching bag. Bashing someone had never looked so good....