Thursday, June 28, 2007

mawang last epi

mawang last epi.

Pardon my hiatus.

It's either that I'm busy watching Korean dramas or my internet connection screw up. This time it's the latter (really!)

Anyway, work has been piling up in the office so I'm pretty bushed by the time I got home. After 9hrs infront of the monitor, I believe my eyes deserve a break (by watching tv!!!)

I've been raving so much about this KBS drama, Mawang (Devil/Lucifer/Satan) and I caught the last episode (wouldn't miss it for the world).

My heart's still aching.

I can't believe they cram so much into one episode. My heartstrings almost snapped.

Just how heart-wrenching can an ending be???!

Aaaargh! I should probably just sleep it off.

Oh wait, my collegue's asked that I relate this episode to her tomorrow...

Be still, my heart....

Despite this being just his 2nd acting stint, Joo Ji Hon's doing pretty well. His character in this drama was a pretty intense one and he really shine through, especially in the final few episodes.

Heard he lost like 11lbs. to suit this role??? (like he's not lanky enuff...)

I managed to catch his interview on KBS's Entertainment Relay and he actually credited his improved acting to Uhm Tae-woong, his co-star in this drama.

Does make sense, considering Tae-woong has had experience in potraying such intense roles previously.

And I totally dig the soundtrack. The moody, classical overtones and even brooding ballads are intriguing. Worth listening in loops.

Ping me if you want the soundtracks. If you're lucky, I'll be good enough to have them in my Multiply.

Monday, June 18, 2007

my k-list

My K-List

Dramas I've watched:
The Asphalt Guy (Legend of Car God)
All In
Autumn In My Heart (Autumn Fairy Tale)
Winter Sonata
My Name is Kim Sam Soon
Stairway of Heaven
Cloud Staircase
When Spring Comes
Dalja's Spring
Hwang Jini
Mawang (Devil/Lucifer)
Hearts of 19
Glass Slipper
When Spring Comes
Sweet 18 Bride/Little Bride
Full House
A Love To Kill
Wonderful Life
Lovers in Paris
Save the Last Dance for Me
Hello, My Lady!
My Girl
My 19-yr Old Sis-In-Law
I Really Really Like You
Be Strong Geum-Soon!
First Love
Sassy Girl Chang-Hyun
Sorry I Love You
All About Eve

(I think there's a bit more but I can't recall..)

Movies (what I can recall):

my wife is a gangster 1
my boyfriend is type-b
my sassy girl
she's on duty
my tutor friend
an affair
king & the clown
april snow
wishing stairs

(and some more horror movies which I can't recall)

The earlier years, my appetite was sorely satiated by the local tv channels who play either 2x weekly or weekly. Waiting for the show every week was such a chore. And the 1hr show was was inclusive of the irritating commercial breaks.

Then my cousin began buying VCDs (mostly with Malay subtitles) before buying the (much better but more expensive) DVDs. And I buy for myself too.

Recently, my boss's wife (who's also a fan) passed me all the shows she's watched. And her friend keep stocking up her box-sets whenever he went to China.

And Singapore's cable company added the KBS Global channel into their list recently and there's no turning back since. Well, at least their dramas aren't interrupted by commercials! If only they include MBC too....

Thursday, June 14, 2007


let's talk about something....

I keep saying that ain't got the time to update but this is my 2nd time blogging today. Shhesh!

Maybe it's because I'm at work. And doing a task that makes my attention-span pretty short-lived.

Okayyy..... What should I write about? *taps keyboard*

My pet topic. Hallyu!!! (did I hear a groan somewhere?)

K-wave. I'm sooo riding it. Korean dramas. Korean music. Korean fashion. Korean food. Korean documentaries. Korean news (yes, I watch those). And Korean MEN! oh yeahhhhh!

Like right now, I watched at least FOUR different Korean dramas DAILY.

7-8pm: Be Strong Geum Soon! - Ch U
7.20-8pm: Wide As The Earth, High As The Sky - KBS
9-10pm: Flowers For My Life (Mon-Tue) - KBS
: Mawang/Lucifer (Wed-Thu) - KBS
10pm onwards : Love Truly/Really Really Like You - DVD

And I can't miss watching Entertainment Relay - an info-tainment show where they have updates on various Korean drama/movie/music/comedy celebrities.

Then there's Open Concert and Yoon Do-Hyun's Love Letter on the weekends, where you can see various famous singers perform (yes, even Rain).

I watched the channel KBS like 80% of the time. And I may dad had to relent because I have the backing of my mum who's a fellow Hallyu fan.

I can't remember when I start this craze but I remember my very first K-Drama was this racing drama, The Asphalt Guy (Legend of Car God), starring Lee Byung Hun and Jeong Woo Seong.

Then there was All In, starring Byung-hun and his ex-gf, Song Hae Gyo.

Then I got involved with the ultra-sappy, tragic drama, Autumn In My Heart starring Hye Gyo and two hotties, Song Seung Hun & Won Bin.

Then Winter Sonata came and wham-bam-thank-you-m'am! Everyone loves their Korean dramas.
Bae Yong Joon became everyone's hero and the darn theme songs played in everyone' head in loops (okay, it did in mine).

The rest, as they say - is History. Till' now I'm still crazy bout Korean dramas. Been more than 10 years, for sure. Still going strong.

Hey, anybody wonders where all the Japanese dramas have gone??! Miss them, lei!

Love Truly

Yet another K-drama (stuck again!)

I'm trying my darndest to finish this new drama. Love Truly/I Really Really Like You (literally translated).

Starring: Eugene : Ryu Jin : Lee Min Ki

I have too many entries done 1/2 way (still in draft mode), many events to write about (I write entries mainly to remind myself) and I am still stuck with this freaking show!!


And I'm waist-deep into the plot to give up. And I think the story's pretty nice... *sheepish*.

Problem with this show is that it's unlike other dramas with either 16 or 24 episodes. This one here has THIRTY-FOUR freaking episodes and I only know about that when I got to the 14th ep.! No wonder the plot seem to be getting thicker when I assumed it to be ending (yah rite!).

Thanks so much, 'K' for recommending me this and much thanks to my boss's wifey who brought back a bagful of K-Drama box-sets (I still got 2 more to watch!), thanks to her friend who make business trips to China (okay, okay, I'm being sarcastic, here).

**And I said I've no time to blog? Geez, I just wrote an entry here!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

bro 28 bdae

my (only) bro's birthday

Happi 28th 'twenty-fourth' B'dae Bro!

This is my bro.

He reminds me a lot like Shrek.

Like me, he's someone whose interests varies over time. However, unlike me, he's passionate about his interests when he's keen.

I remember once, he's got his band logo and photos for the album cover ready. He's was very much into the undergound music scene, then.

I don't know what happened. Wham bam, thank you m'am! That music dream dissipated into thin air. *poof!* just liddat. In fact his bassist joined another band and they've been performing everywhere, even Down Under! Not to mention having TWO albums already.

Then he caught the 'hang-loose' groove. He love everything about surfing, except doing it. Cos' the boards are so friggin' expensive, yo! And Singapore ain't got the waves for that. But he wore flip-flops, tees and boardshorts to EVERYWHERE, even weddings. Grr...!

However, sometime last year, he got crazy about skateboards. He got himself not one but TWO of those things. He will skate around after work and spend his off days practicing his flips and ollies. I accompanied him to Spitfire for the many times he changed his wheels and bearings or upgrade his trucks. I bought him most of his skating gear and help him choose his (really expensive!) shoes.

Recently, he changed his hobby - AGAIN.

He dismantled his skateboard. Sold off his trucks (a skateboard part - really expensive!) and ditched his Element tees. Now he don back his Quilsilvers, Billabongs and O'neills.

Back to surfer basics? Yes. With the equipment to boot.

Not exactly a surfboard. He bacame more realistic. Got himself a skimboard.

Now he spent his off days at East Coast Park. And got his collegues to join him. Now a couple of them bought skimboards too.

And for his birthday recently, I'm at loss as to what to buy him. He got most of what one can possibly get for a beach bum.

I almost ordered a pair of polarized Electric sunglassed online, since he wanted the Bam Margera type (thank goodness I didn't!). In fact, I shooped for his schtuffs only the day before. Walked around Orchard road and visited 3 Flash n Splash branches and got him these:

A 'Miami Ink' inspired rashguard. Only 1 branch had this design in his size. Took the last piece.

This pair of Reef flip-flops. Don't be fooled by the term, 'flip-flops'. They cost like any good shoe out there.
Maybe it's the bottle-opener at the bottom. Heck, I dun even know there's a bottle-opener, yo!