Monday, February 27, 2006

jg double-up

jg double-up

What's 'jg'? Well, not exactly 'what'. 'Who' is more like it. Jake Gyllenhaal (JG). Yea, watched 2 of his movies over the weekend.

It says there, "Welcome to the suck." I couldn't agree more. No, not the movie, actually. It's what the story's about, that is.

If you're looking forward to a war movie like Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, you'll be sorely disappointed. No one got killed. Ammunition; heavily under-used.

But it's testosterone-packed. Guys watching with their girls will definitely bore their other-half. Well unless, of course she had the hots for JG (check out the scene where he did a jig wearing just a santa's hat covering his front, yee ha!).

Yea, that thing on his head? Imagine it covering his 'front'. Just that. And he jiggying around wearing just that? On that hot, hot bod? Of course you can see his bum! *duh*

brokeback mountain
Would have been pretty boring had it been about 2 heterosexual people.

Gorgeous scenery. Poignant storyline. Superb acting (Heath, especially). If only Heath Ledger's character had not mumbled throughout the movie (yeah yeah, Wyoming accent and all). It's a pretty sad story, y'all.

"Ya' know, I ain't queer."
"Me neither." Whatever.

A definite Oscar bearer(s). If not the movie, then Heath. Or Michelle. Or Ang Lee. They gotta get at least one of that gold thingy for making me stay up in bed for half of last night.

So am I now a JG convert? Naah.....
Not YET.

Monday, February 20, 2006

the constant gardener

the constant gardener

Watching The Constant Gardener, I felt like packing my bags for Africa (Kenya, to be exact) almost immediately.

Even the slums and scruffy streets seemed to beckon to me. The kids' shy smiles and their big, big expressive eyes.... The mothers with their babies held close to them, protecting them.... And do you know how gorgeous their countryside is?? It's not a side of Africa that I've never seen before. It's just that I've never seen it in this light. This alluring and resplendent light.

I watched this movie without remembering much of the background (I read the reviews ages ago and it took such a looong time coming to S'pore). I was thrilled when I saw the trailer for 'Firewall' cos' I thought it to be a conspiracy-themed film (actually it's not). Turns out, the movie I was watching right then was THE conspiracy-themed (political thriller) film I had always yearned to watch.

Was surprised it was labled NC-16... Maybe it's due to the sight of the pregnant Rachel Weisz in all her glory. I didn't realise it was Ralph Fiennes playing the leading role. He's just sooo.... different. Some scenes may overlap but it's all for the right reasons. The scenes where the sad, sad African song played in the background, showing every faces of the people that were being made use of; naive and helpless. The kids, the mothers.... all of them.

And when they finally manage to expose the ruse in the most unexpected manner, I almost felt like jumping out of my seat, with my fist punched into the air, screaming, "YESSS!!! Good riddance to you!!" Yeap, that's how strongly I felt about this movie. Yeah, it's fictional but it doesn't mean that what was potrayed didn't happen in this selfish, sadistic world. Deep inside, I know there's a possibilty but can we even act on it???

Friday, February 17, 2006



Just where in the world is my ATM card??? (that's just hypothetical, cos' I'm sure it's still in S'pore)

Went to SPC Pasir Ris yesterday and paid for the petrol using NETS. I was holding both the SPC and ATM card. The SPC card is always kept in the glove compartment while the ATM- my wallet.

Somehow, when I was about to make payment for my purchases is Mustafa Centre later on, I was befuddled to find the SPC card INSIDE my WALLET and my ATM card- nowhere. I just assumed that muddle-headed me must have made a switch and kept the ATM in the glove compartment instead. WRONG. I could have turned the car inside-out later on but the card's nowhere to be found. Even the receipts for the petrol top-up are absent. Sheesh! And all my $$$ is in THAT bank and NOT the other. I need that ATM card!!!

Called SPC Pasir Ris just now. No ATM card found..... *sigh* Guess I have to queue up at Parkway Parade tomorrow morning to make a new card. On Saturday??? Geez!!

Talking bout' Mustafa Centre, have you ever eaten at Mustafa Cafe?? Ya'know, where there are some (very) low tables & plastic chairs along the walkway? I used to be so tempted seeing others eating their fare. Till' I gave it a shot some months back. And got hooked. You should try their Masala Wedges. Powerrr, I tell you!

I always wondered, just what about the dish that's 'masala'. I tot' it's the wedges itself, cos' it does taste a little 'spiced'. Then I remembered the sauce (yes, they have a special sauce for that). Thousand Island mixed with some vege. SPICED. Yea, maybe that's it. It's the sauce. YUM! And cheap too. A whole styrafoam box at just $3.

Their fish & chips are not bad, too. They used REAL fish. Not those cheapo fish 'fillets' that they try to pass off as 'fish'. Their sides of salad and fries could be a little better but the fish is worth the shot. Only $4.

They have this "Power Grill Cheese Sandwich'. Sinful! Spread with some butter and stuffed woth mozarella cheese, then grilled. Ouhhh.... Only $2.50.

Going to Mustafa will never be the same if I've gone in the day. My visits there have always been at 11++pm (after sending me mum) and my the time I leave, it's already the next day. Parking's easier and the crowd.. WHAT crowd??

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Better warn the politicians to keep their distance...

"...Be careful y'all!"

another dinner

another dinner

Yea, it's V-Day yesterday. Wouldn't have known if not for the constant, excited reminders from the radio DJs....

No significance, really. But one thing for sure, it's Tuesday and my family usually eat out on Tuesdays cos' that's when my bro had his day off and we can have dinner as one family.

Went to one of those murtabak shops opposite the Sultan Mosque (no, not Zam Zam).

They went there previously-WITHOUT me. I guess they felt pretty bad, eating out when I'm not around so they brought me there. Frankly speaking, I wouldn't mind cos' they went there for the briyani and I dun really fancy that.

We sat beside this big family of 7. Our family of 4 sat at a table meant for 6. But we sure ate like there're 6 of us. The peeps at the next table kept looking at us as we keep adding orders... Haha! I would be shocked, too!

My mum and I shared a large murtabak. My dad had 3 chappatis (w/ chicken curry and vege). My bro had chicken briyani. Then he felt like he had space for more. Ordered onion prata. Then I saw the next table ordering this splendid looking 'Paper' prata (was later told that it's called 'Tissue' prata). It was perched on the plate in all it's triangular glory, looking all crispy. Boy, was I tempted! Yea, we ordered that. That eventualy became our dessert cos' it tasted pretty sweet.

Should see the look on the faces from the next table. All 7 of them. Looking at us FOUR. And the table for SIX, full of empty plates. Heh.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

$$$ headache

$$$ headache

... Dunno what came over me but I suddenly got really curious about my personal finances. It's always been a mystery- the way my $$$ seemed to siphon outta' bank, leaving me high & dry towards month-end.

So the mood kicked in and I opened up MSN Money and reviewed my online account statements from both banks. In the flurry of keying in all the numbers, I discovered the various 'creative' ways my moolah had been put to use. Somehow, I regretted my actions.

Wasn't long before I got an even BIGGER headache KNOWING where my $$$ had gone; as compared to when I was still in the dark.

Conclusion derived from this over-zealous effort? Travelling can surely wreck MAJOR havoc on your budget. I mean, SERIOUSLY. Some things are just better left unknown, aren't they? Curiousity killed the cat, doesn't it? Sheesh!

Monday, February 13, 2006

morning quote VII

morning quote:

I'm still sore from the fact that I didn't manage to catch the Rock Revival concert @ Downtown East last Sat cos' I'm on a kinda' tight budget. That, and the fact that my bro & frens got in with the help of a CERTAIN SOMEONE - a 'who's who' in the industry. *Ugh!*

Another thing I'm sore about is that both Channel U and Arts Central screened 2 great movies AT THE SAME TIME last night. I watched the climax of the movie 'The Whale Rider' and end up missing out on the crucial scene of this HK movie, 'Blood Brothers' starring Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Shawn Yue & Edison Cheng. Till' now, I had no idea what happened in the end.. *%$#&@!

... Can anybody be kind enuff' to inform me??? *bats eyelids*

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Long break

Long break

As always, my bosses gave my collegue and myself the week after CNY off. Came back from Bangkok on Monday.

Not wanting to waste any opportunity of having me (the family driver) at home, my mum asked to go to the cemetary. It was Awal Muharram (the Islamic New Year) and my mum recalled the graves of her sister and my grandpa which was pretty much barren. So we bought some plants from this ah-pek who trying to sell-off his stock from the CNY bazaar. Got down to some gardening there in Lim Chu Kang.

Wed, 01 Feb~ Had a girls-day-out with my ol' buddy, Tini. Watched the sneak preview of NORTH COUNTRY , this superb movie starring award-winning (my fav!) actress, Charlize Theron.

Then it's some shopping before we chilled at Parkway Parade for some coffee, hot chocolate and cakes.

Thu, 02 Feb~ Still bored. Been a long time since I hit the beach (in the day, I mean). So met up with Tini (again). Very slack. Brought tuna, mayo and cheese. Brought bread later on, with a megazine and the all-time fav. Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia.

Bored with the beach (which felt soo. different cos' it's sooo empty), we hit the bowling alleys for a couple of games. Then some tea-time snack at McCafe. *sigh*... another day well spent.

Fri 03 Feb~ Supposed to spent time with my bro. Somehow, his off-day got pushed to the next day cos' his Chinese collegues were still in festive mood and refused to work. For once I be a good daughter and stayed home...

...but went out at midnight with my cousins and hung-around at Changi airport. Heh. Then fetched my bro. Made it home only at 5+ am...

Sat 04 Feb~ Despite the lack of sleep, we woke up early to rush to the blood bank @ HSA, Outram. His friend told him it closed at 12.30pm on Saturdays so we flagged a cab. Turn out, they closed at 4.30pm. Sheesh!

I dunno why but we were both the last to be attended to but we're the first to fill up the bags with our pint of blood. My bro pumped so hard he got a bruise. Haha!! Then, they wrapped our elbows with this coloured elastic bandage.

I chose my fav colour. I had this cute dinosaur motif.

There are the colours yellow & orange but my bro chose THIS colour. It came with some HEART motif, ok. So.... metrosexual.

Spent the next few hours exploring Chinatown. Then my bro had a little 'emergency' and insisted we took a cab down to Marina cos 'their toilets are cleaner'. He had known which toilet he planned to rush to over there (yep, he has a 'fav' toilet in Marina). Thing is, the last time he went there was a year ago. Marina had undergone a major renovation since. His 'fav' toilet was nowhere to be found. So he went ahead to one on the 2nd storey.

In less then a minute, he was out. Surprised, I asked him why. He said, "Aiyah later I tell you. Let's go up. The toilets should be emptier." His face was scrunched up pretty bad, ok.

He finally told me the whole story over lunch.

**He had walked into the toilet and waited outside the cubicle door. The guy who went in after him then tapped him on the shoulder and asked, "Bro, where's the urinal?" My bro looked around and replied, "Yah, how come got no urinal, one."

Moments later, two GIRLS stepped out of the cubicles. Shocked, my bro asked the guy, "How come got girls?" That's when one of the girl said, "Erm... guys, I think YOU'RE IN THE GIRLS' TOILET."

The other guy was quick to exclaim, "Aiyoh, I followed this guy, leh!" He was pointing at my bro. My bro was holding back his pain and embarrassment as he apologised to the girls before rushing out. The other guy, red-faced, was already grumbling under his breath. Hahah! **

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

back from bangkok

back from bangkok
... actually, I came back like.. erm.. last Monday..? Yeah but I decide to give myself a break from the computer altogether. In fact, I uploaded my photos only this week. After a year of slogging using the computer, I tell myself it's time I give myself a break. Heh.

I'll be lying if I say that I didn't do much but there's just too many things to write about-which I just DON'T bother to do. Went there with my 2 paternal cousins, Sue & Yati (siblings) and my collegue cum travel buddy, Sri.

Bangkok Int'l Airport pretty much screw-up during the time I arrived. There were like, 20 planes?? that landed around the same time and can you just IMAGINE the crowd???Incredulous! We only made it through after 2 hours. Worse than the J.B Causeway custom on Saturday, I tell you.

Stayed at Baiyoke Sky, the tallest hotel in Thailand. We checked in quite late because of the airport screw-up and since they can't give us adjoining rooms, we got UPGRADED to JUNIOR SUITES. 2 persons in such a big room.... Wowee! On the 43rd floor, some more! And the view.... superb!

Anyway, the first night we got on the tour to the she-man ('cut' already) cabaret show and the tiger show.

A very flamboyant show, I'd say. A Mardi Gras of sorts, minus the parade. The over-the-top costumes, the ridiculous lip-synching of mostly Japanese & Cantonese oldies and the bevy of (artificial) feminine beauties. As the show's raunchiness upped several notches, I began to wonder about the young kids sitting in front... But the ladies are HOT!

Did I mention about making it to the Tiger Show? Yeah, so I did. Same ol' thing. What others saw, I saw. Yeah, nothing much. Except for the 'man-woman' part, the process which our guide jokingly called 'cooking'. But I'm still taken aback by the location of that show. After the mega-stage and huge auditorium of Ratchada Cabaret, the dark & dingy nightclub in that seedy neighbourhood (yeah, Patpong) was such a contrast.

The next day had been reserved solely for Chatuchack. That huge-ass market deserve a whole day from us. So we stuffed our face during breakfast (at the restaurant on the 78th floor) cos' I don't want us to waste time having lunch. Yeah, getting to that high floor is pure torture. Down from 43rd-18th (Lobby). Then change lifts to get to the higher level. From 18th to the 77th floor- DIRECT. My ears!! Owwwww!

The first thing I had after all that crazy bargainings and lugging of goods? Som Tham. Yes, that delectable Green Papaya Salad. I've been so crazy about that dish that I went on a frenzy looking for a stall selling that in Chatuchak. I got it in the end. Sooooo delicious! So happy..... :)

The next morning, with the aid of the Bangkok map, I tried to locate the buildings in the Siam Square area (MBK, Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon) from my hotel window (43rd storey, what). Happy to know that the buildings are within sight and the fact that our guide had told us that the area is a mere '10mins walk' from our hotel, we went ahead on foot. BOY, was that a BAD idea. We ended up walking for more than 1/2 hr. In the AFTERNOON.

The cool and dim Siam Ocean World in the basement if Siam Paragon was such a respite. It's similar to our Underwater World (inc. the entry charge). Since we paid so much for entering, we made it worth and spent like 2hrs in there.

Since it's our final night there, I made it a point for us to have a dinner to be remembered. The 2 times that I've been to Bangkok, I had my meal at Al-Maedah Rest'n. Owned by an Arab fellow and the workers are all muslims.

Ordered my fav. Fried Seabass with the famed Thai Chili Sauce; this spicy beef dish that's cooked with chili and basil (almost like rendang but much lighter); mix veggies and Tom Yum Goong. Their Tom Yum is much lighter with a some mild milky (maybe coconut??) taste. Their side salad of pickled baby cucumbers and spring onions served with spicy tomato salsa was refreshing. They've had that since the 1st time I came, like 9 yrs ago???

Spent that evening packing and the next morning we wentdown for last minute shopping in Pratunam, only to be disappointed by the fact that it's a weekday and the bustling weekend market had disappeared. It's suddenly so weird to see the roads all open with vehicles freely moving around the area.

As the saying goes, A Picture Tells A Thousand Words. I have over 100 pics in the album.
Hope it tells something.. :P

Go HERE for the peeks