Monday, June 27, 2005

moi frens

*be forewarned. the following posts are backdated. VERY backdated...*

With moi ol' pals...

Image hosted by
Nadia & her hubby-2-b :: Starbux's representation of us 4 :: Us 4

Met up with my close secondary school pals that evening. One of the reasons being that dear Nadia will wed in 2 weeks time and we're rushing for the opportunity to meet up with her while she's still a spinster bachelorette.

Nadia brought with her a pleasant surprise. In the form of her fiance. It's was nice of her to make an effort to formally introduce to us the man who stole our dear friend's heart (does that sound mushy, or what??) I take that as her form of respect for us as her pals. Thank you, girl!

After a quick dinner @ Banquet East Point (I got my sashimi!!!), we head down to Starbux for coffee and some chillin'. There's lots that we talked about. Bout' how she met her future hubby, her school & kinda' updating one another with advances in our individual lives... bla bla.

To think that so much has changed since the last time we met (which I think was last year's Hari Raya...)

It's scary, how fast time flies and even scarier are the changes that comes with it....

Oh, well. Till' we meet again. *that will be during your nikah, Nadia*


Cycling @ PAsir RIs

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After a very unsuccessful attempt at purchasing a VCD of a supposedly funny Malay movie (cos' it's still playing in the theatres, no way the VCD's out...), my dad suggested bringing my mum to Pasir Ris Park, the place that he and myself visited during Daddy's Dae.

Yeah, a beautiful afternoon not to be wasted. As soon as I parked, my dad made a mad dash for the bicycle rental kiosk. Ahhhh....Sohhhh.... So he's been yearning to cycle here, eversince we realised that we can rent bikes at this park. Clever man....!

It was nice. My dad on a mountain bike while my mum+ myself rode the tandem one cos' my mum lazily justified that she must have forgotten how to ride alone, considering it's been ages since she rode a bike. She never even made any attempt to try!!!

Besides I know she's just plain lazy cos' 1/2 the time, I'm the ONLY one cycling to move BOTH of us forward. It was later proven when our shadows that was casted on the tarmac showed my mum sitting STILL, admiring the surroundings.... I might as well pedal a TRISHAW!

After all that, I had to lie down awhile on the bed before meeting my ol' pals later in the evening. Not surprisingly, I was late...

Souped-Up Haven

Automobile Haven

My bro & myself watched Initial-D last Saturday morning. We could have been the only non-Chinese watching that midnight show at PS at that time. Should see the looks we got from other movie-goers... Heh.

Why Initial-D? Isn't it a Chinese movie???

Well.... We loooove cars. In fact, while looking for a parking lot that night, I almost cried while at the wheel. Nooo, I'm not desperate because the show's starting and there're no lots. Those tears are of PURE joy. Joy at seeing rows upon rows of GORGEOUS, MARVELLOUS, MAGNIFICENT & FANTABULOUS souped-up cars. I was jumping up and down on my seat and my bro had to hold the steering for fear that I may accidentaly swerve into one of these babies. *snickers*

Another reason is that like love Jay Chou. Yes, been a closet fan of his... *blush* So what does MY liking Jay has anything to do with my bro? Cos' it was ME who PAID for the tix, that's why. If he wanna waste a FREE movie, so be it.

Oh and that brat cutie Edison Chen. He looked soooo boyish that I tot' he appeared a tad too underaged to be smoking so much on screen.

Overall, the movie's great. A balanced proportion of action, drama & comedy. Jay's acting has much to be improved but the role suited him well. So duhhh. Anyway, it's his very first movie role... Excusable.

Image hosted by

These are just what's left in the carpark after my bro took a leak after the movie. My bro drove towards a car, stop, I got out, snap some pics and got back in. This goes on till' I've amassed a collection of them pics in my phone. The sound they make when they went down the ramp... Soooo orgasmic.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Rocker family

Rock On!!!!

Tot' of holding myself back from updating till', say.... the weekend but I just can't resist this quiz.....

Your Rock Star Family by Mikki
MumShirley Manson (Garbage)
DadMichael Hutchence (INXS)
SisterJennifer (Kittie)
BrotherJoel (Good Charlotte)
BoyfriendChris (Coldplay)
GirlfriendOne of the Donnas
Best friendDave Grohl

Quiz created with MemeGen!

Conclusion: I think my family's pretty worse off than the Osbournes.

C'mon, my 'mum' looks androgynic, my 'dad' committed suicide eons ago, I despise my 'brother' for dating miss-goody-two-shoes Hillary Duff and I hate my 'boyfriend'.

Firstly, he (my BF) is NOT a rocker (to me). Secondly, he's married. Thirdly, I never liked his wife, Ms. Paltrow. Worse, she shared the SAME birthdate as myself. Fourth, he named his babe girl after a FRUIT. Sheesh!

The only things that really rock is having Jennifer as my 'sis' and Dave Grohl himself as my 'best fren'. Kewl!

Somehow, I'm just veeeerrrry glad that Mr Marilyn Manson is NOT in my list. Bet my bro will beg to differ.... \m/

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Jaz my dad & me...

Juz my dad & me...

As the saying goes: A Picture Tells A Thousand Words. So just *click*, lah.

Been a long time...

Originally uploaded by crush-ice.

Been a long time, eh?

That morning, an ol' pal msg-ed me, asking if a supper is possible that nite. Lucky girl. My mum's working so I guess it'll be ok.

Not that I can only go out when my mum's not around but she tend to stay up till' I'm back. Not that I mind tapi kesian, you. Yeah, she tend to ask this, ask that. Typical of a mother's concern. Besides, it's easier not having to answer to anyone.

Aniwae, I have not seen CT Hajar for quite a looong time. Say, 6 yrs? 7 yrs? Or as Brad Pitt a.k.a Mr Smith will say, "6 or 7 years ago.."

I asked my bro along, considering he kinda' know her too and makes a great companion. Besides, Mr Teddy Bear gotta' be hungry after work... Hitting some late-nite supper@ Changi will be good. Fetched Hajar, followed by my bro after sending me mum to werk.

It's been really nice to see you again CT Hajar! Thanks to friendster and a little bit of fate, we meet up again. The world is super-small, after all.

Rest assured, that kewl experience won't be the last. Singapore has many great places to hit for supper, y'knoe... ;)

PS: we kinda' go bonkers during our late nite/early morning foto shoot. click on the pic to see more...

Pasir Ris Part I

Roti Boy 2
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Pasir Ris Pt. 1

Geezers. These are so long overdue ('these' meaning that I have more than 1 thing to babble about).

It's the Father's Day weekend, ain't it?

My parents gotta go for their foot reflexology session at Tampines Mall. I won't go for another of such session. I'm just not comfortable having a stranger-of-a-man massaging my legs (thou' it does felt goood ;>)

I leave them be while I wander off in that blatantly crowded mall (I never thought there to be any special occasion). Went to Isetan. Hmmph. Nothing. Went up to check out the Havainas. That's when I saw... boxes upon boxes of mens' shirts, wallets, belts, ties.. you name it, they displayed it. Sooo much like....

OMG!!! Is it Father's Day??! Looked around & saw teens lugging small, nicely packaged boxes of ties and shirts. Mothers/wives sorting thru' the packaged offers... Geez! I'm not gonna miss out on this!

My dad called. They're done. Was in such a hurry, I signed the bill haphazardly & gotta sign again. #$%@!!!

Pretended nothing happened, despite the Isetan bag being very ominous with it's nicely wrapped blue package inside. Heh. After lunch, I suggested we merayap cos' it's boring to go back that early. We settled on Pasir Ris Park.

Shopped for mum's antiseptic gauze for her scald, stocked up on fruits & salads and dad's fav. brand of really-bland biscuits and Roti Boy(mexican buns). Oh, and olive oil. A whole 5 kg bottle, mind you! Shopping tak agak2x!

The park was freakin' crowded. I saw this cute sight: A big goods lorry (the metal compartment type) parked in front of us. Saw the door slide open. One lady ambled out. Followed by her son, then another person. Another...another...another... You know HOW MANY were there inside the lorry??? A grand total of 18 pax PLUS large water containers, tents, a beach ball and 2 huge pots of food. AMAZING FEAT! Yesh, memang keluarga orang Melayu.

It's nice sitting on a bench there, people-watching and stuff, while munching on Roti Boy & salad... Then we head home. Yah, just like that. Boring?? Naaah, it's quality time spent with my parents. Besides, my mum gotta' work later. Overtime.

PS: what happened that nite' later on is another story altogether.... Heh.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Just another silly quiz.

Just another silly quiz. Females....

OMG, just how true will this be..?? *guffaws*

you'll be so jaded!
you are burnout personified.
rich and succesful,
stressed and overworked.
you loathe men and relationships
with every fiber of your being.

What will you be like 10 to 15 years from now? (girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

Seriously, the RICH part is nice...
STRESSED & OVERworked??? LOATHE men? Geee....

Out with Da' Guys.

Out with Da' Guys.

Originally uploaded by crush-ice.

I woke up yesterday and and the first word that came to me was: BORED. Darn, I need a life, man!

I remembered my coversation with my bro the night before,
HE: Eh, I think I can send ma tomorrow. Decided not to hit the gym. So what movie u watchin tomorrow?
ME: What?! Why u never tell me earlier? I didn't make any plans! Why u always last-minute, one!!

Well, since he CAN send my mum to work, that will mean I'm free that nite. Heh heh.... *rub hands in glee*
So I msg my pals. 2/4 replied. Oklah... better than nothing. Decided to chill somewhere on the outskirts of town.

Bas who was trying to buff himself up (for some supposed modelling stint after he ORD), resisted dinner (dietlah, konon...) But he ordered this beverage/dessert which has espresso poured over this vanilla ice-cream. Dumb, rite?

I think he can't resist it when Kai & I order a meal each. So what if he said that he wanna chill only? We're hungry. Just off work, whatd'ya expect? Soon, it's more side dishes, coffee and then (with Kai's insistance) DESSERT. Now, that's what I call sinful. When the 'Nuts & Bran..." (whatever it's called) thingy arrived, we were so taken aback....

Image hosted by
Ermm.. I dunno if u guys over-stocked your whipped cream supply..But isn't this a tadd too much??

Despite all that junk, we managed to kinda' finish it up. I personally thnk that green tea should stick to being a beverage and NOT a dessert. Yucky, man! Besides, I like my green tea sans sugar....

We sat there till' the staff had to subtlely inform us that they're 'closing in 5 mins time'. Felt bad, heh. At least we're considerate enuff to let them clear yet another table and a better chance at knocking-off earlier. Been in this line before... I know, lah.

Yeah, then we went all they way to Plaza Sing. to hit the loo and get some ciggies for Bas. Some much for trying to quit... Chet! I thought the night is still young. They tot' the night is still young, so we decide to walk to City Hall. We decide to cut thru' C.H.I.J.M.E.S and recollect those days when we used to chill there. Esp. during our grad nite. Matthew and his crazy antics.....

After the walk, we kinda' got tired... Besides the guys gotta work tomorrow so we called it a night and tried to get some cabs. Guess what?? It's 2335 and somehow almost all the cabs are aither 'on call' or 'changing shift'. Is that any surprise that we finally got a cab at 5 mins before midnite..?

Ya lor... Midnight charges apply. Sheesh! :-P

Fire drill

Fire drill

Fire drill
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I have never expected myself to experience this as a 'grown-up'...Sheesh!

I remember, back in my Poly days, I saw one department having to go thru' this silly ordeal. I believe it's b'cos they got to reside in a spanking new building, that's why...(yes, I'm a weeny bit jealous, then). How I laughed at them, especially those whom I happened to know. "Ha ha! Macam slenger, gitu!!!"

Anyway, I saw the notice, stating that the drill will take place ard 11am and should it rain then it will happen at 3pm instead.

Guess wat? It rained at 11am. Phew! Prayed that it'll rain the whole day...

After lunch, my eyes got really heavy and the office was quiet, except for the occasional clickings of the mouse or the tapping of the keyboard. And I began my slowwww journey to dreamland, when suddenly... *RIIIIINGGGGGGG!!!!*

Goodness, that ringing never stopped! Aiyoh, bingit!!! Recalling back my secondary school days, I remembered such ringing to be the the much-celebrated fire drill. That's b'cos, back then, such drills would have disrupted any ongoing lessons. But when you started working and the task of finishing a particular assignment on time is very important~esp. when it's Friday and you wanna knock-off early; that drill only comes as a blardee hindrance.

I betcha, if a REAL fire DID take place, I think 1/2 the occupants of that building would have been 'chao-tar' (utterly burnt). Practically took their own sweet time, dilly-dally.... Heck, some of them even attempted to buy some stuff from the canteen on the 4th floor! I saw some bosses clearly trying to escape this silly procedure by driving off but got stopped at the main gate.

Ha ha!!! You'd better join us, dudes! Yeah, gathering according to our unit storey level, wait for attendance to be taken, listen to announcements... Hah!

Then the whole crowd scrambled to the lifts after everything's over. I went over to the cargo lifts, only to see that they have yet to activate it. So I resort to climb the stairs. All the way to the 7th floor!

Sheeesh. Sheesh. Sheesh!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

bugger off!

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I realised that I hardly blog anything bout' myself. You know, personal stuff like my everyday happenings (do I have to blog everyday, then?), my feelings, my rant & ravings, where I go, who I see, yadaa...yadaa...

Believe it or not, doing that is just not.... me. I know that it's pretty incredulous. How can blogging bout' yourself not reflect you? I dunno. Guess it's just not typical of me to shout out to everyone out there, the real me.

There are moments when I just wanna let out all I feel, all that pent-up frustration or even the joy I felt after a certain happenings. However, erm... I am wholly aware as to WHO reads my blog and WHO has access to a certain WHOever that I babble about. Last thing I need is to get into trouble with those I hold dear in my life.

As the saying goes, even a person's joy may be another's sorrow. There are 2 ends to this knife and I'd rather not have it pointed at our direction.

I've seen other bloggers having a no-holds-barred concept of blogging. It's a bare-it-all style. Even came to washing their dirty linen in public. I admit to being a closet reader of some of these blogs. Somehow, you know when a certain blogger is approachable-or not. Some are deemed so 'scandulous', he/she had had their faces pasted on dartboards-meant for all to vent their anger at-feeling that they would have things justified, by giving these bloggers a piece of their mind.

But hey, they're talking bout' THEIR life and by no means, did THEIR lifestyle, by any chance interfere with YOURS??? No? Then bugger off.

They are entitled to write what they want to write. It's THEIR blog, anyway. THEIR own PRIVATE space. It just so happens that it's no longer PRIVATE cos' YOU stumbled into it and chose to INTRUDE.

Maybe they lied. Maybe all they want is attention, popularity. A mention somewhere. So what? By responding to their what-nots, you're just giving them what they want. Yes, it's negative attention but these bloggers know it. They won't be dumb enuff' to expect some positive remarks to their awful entries, dun they? Even though I do admit that beautiful flowers DO grow on heaps of crap, sometimes.

Admit it, you are entertained by them aren't you? Negative remarks or not. That's why you keep coming back and felt compelled to comment everytime, albeit negatively. I know cos' I AM amused by some entries made by some bloggers. However, I see things in a different light. These ppl blogs bout' things they deem fit. Hey, if it's alright for them, then it's ok for me.

Geez, I dunno what prompt me to write this kinda entry but seeing those seething comments made by certain 'Anonymous' fellas on blogs everywhere... I just feel like..doosh! Giving them a (virtual) gundoo on their heads.

How disrespectful can one be...? It's like trespassing into a person's garden and taking a crap at their lawn (those intruding 'private' blogs) or attending a party and screw it up by humiliating the host infront of the guests (those tarnishing the more popular blogs). Either way, it ain't good.

Mind your own business will ya'? Idiots..!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

Courtesy of Kenny Sia, I'm now comparable to Cowboy Caleb. wtf??!

Congratulations CT, you are...

Cowboy Caleb of

You are smart, loyal and sensitive. You are also very caring towards other people and you help them out whenever you can. You are very passionate about your line of work. You fight for your beliefs and if someone doesn't agree with you, you argue your point of view across in a very convincing yet diplomatic manner. For that, you earn respect.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

Then again, I dunno why the heck I did this silly thingy. I AM a S'porean blogger, too. Doosh!

But it's been fun. Heh.

"...Who's the hottest, sexiest, best-looking blogger in the whole wide world?..."
A) Kenny Sia (which, by the way is the one and ONLY option).

Nice try Kenny....

The Smiths

The Smiths
Originally uploaded by crush-ice.

The Smiths

Oooooh.... If I like Angelina Jolie before, now I LOVE her. If I dun fancy Brad Pitt before(despite seeing his nice, firm muffin-of-a-bum in Troy), now I SURELY do.

Now I can see why Mr Pitt has the hots for this sensuous beauty. She's a sizzler babe! 1/2 the time, throughout the action scenes, I keep visualising Lara Croft in action.

And Mr Pitt... I may not see it before but now I sure do. All the clothes hung so well on his nicely-buffed bod. Oohlala. AND his eyes, oh his eyes, when he looked at his 'wife'. Sigh...

2 things I'm not happie bout' with regards to this movie. What really happened in the end..? And what in the world is that OC fella doing in this movie...?! Huh? Huh?!!

It sure doesn't help, the fact that I dun' watch the show (OC, I mean) and I always thought Adam Brody to be the chubby-faced fella' with that brown hair and sad, sad puppy face. Turns out it's HIM. Oh btw, I KNOW he's from OC cos' I heard ppl whispering bout' him in the movie theatre.. Big deal! That's show's crap anyway (again, it's OC, not The Smiths).

I dun' like it that Angie is labled, 'marriage-wrecker'. It takes two hands to clap so that Pitt guy has gotta' shoulder some blame, too. Besides, they look soooo good together, they shall now be on my fav. 'La-La Land couple' list. Nothing agaist Ms. Aniston but Ms Jolie sounds like a more exotic & delectable feast on a platter when I'm hungry.

Check out this interview where both Angie & Brad were on the same stage (which is not often)...

Lady of The House :: Man of The House

Ayy... That Pitt fella' is funny, lah. Check out this excerpt from the interview:

"...Yet ask about how the two stars developed such amazing on-screen chemistry, and Pitt provides a coy response.'Between me and Vince [Vaughn]?'...

...We didn't need any chemistry; we'd just look into each other's eyes. It caused a lot of discomfort, but Vince and I got over the worst of it and we're resigned to just be friends. And we respect each other professionally and that's all I have to say about it..."

"Mr & Mrs Pitt", anyone..?

Friday, June 10, 2005

shut the babe up

Just another way to shut the babe up.

A pretty innovative way, I'd say. Hee-larious!




If I have had health problems, I would have either gone into an epileptic fit or stayed frozen/still in my seat as of this afternoon. Really, man.

Jean Danker of Class 95 fm had remarked that her day started off pretty well, until she discovered that Keanu Reeves could have already been married. However, she chose not to reveal the full story till about two songs later.

My first thought was, "Oh no! Not Diane Keaton..?!" I admit I'm pretty back-dated when it comes to entertainment news but the last time I heard bout' Keanu, it was about him being a tad too chummy with her.

Some ads and a song later, I decided to become impatient and source for the 'truth' myself. So I went to Yahoo! and searched, 'Keanu + Reeves + married'. The search came out with many results and of ALL of them, I chose a page that tell me THIS:

"...actors Keanu Reeves and Alan Cumming, raced over there to marry one another before a small party of invited friends....
...had always been rumored to be gay, but always maintained his heterosexuality...
...Keanu looked as though he was on cloud nine, while Cumming was in tears the whole way through. He was definitely the more 'queen' of the two..."

read more >>HERE<<

I am not a homophobic & I have nothing against gays. However, I've always had this notion in my head that it's ok to lose ur guy to another girl. At least there's a weeny bit of chance that u MAY get him back. But to lose him to a guy???
Imagine this:
(get in drama mode)"Why? Why him? What issit that he HAS that I DON'T?" Lots, baby. LOTS.

Anyway, back to the topic.
Amidst my shock, I forgot to regain my breath until I realised that my chest kinda' hurts (no, my heart DIDN'T break). Then I heard Jean's voice coming back on air. I sort-of heard, "...Keanu..proposed..fiance..married..Autumn Macintosh.."

Wait a minute. Autumn Macintosh?! That sounds far from, 'Alan Cumming'... At least 'Autumn' sound more... WOMANLY.

I decide to resource back the search on 'Keanu + Reeves + married'. Then I chose one result-CAREFULLY this time.

"...Keanu Reeves is reportedly set to marry old flame Autumn Macintosh.
Friends claim the Hollywood actor proposed after rekindling his romance with Autumn, who he first dated in the early '90s, earlier this year. . .
A source is quoted by Britain's Daily Star newspaper: "Keanu and Autumn have know each other for years..."

Now, that's a relief. Suddenly, I forgot about the fact that I'm pretty pissed that he got hitched.

Hey, come to think of it, he soooo far away in La-La Land, just what are the chances that I may meet and get hitched to him? Ponder... ponder...

Thursday, June 09, 2005



I treat myself to some adrenaline rush late into the night yesterday. Pop the S.W.A.T dvd into the player as the clock strike midnite.

Anyway, after all the excitement of seeing the great action and even greater looking guys in action, it sure took me a looong time to settle my hyped-up senses and put myself to sleep. That will be like..say another hour or so...?

No points for guessing, what time I eventually slept.

Anyway, I was nodding away at my office table just now and awoke to see my face a mere inch away from the table-top. Therefore, a lame attempt at keeping me awake will be to blog, or so I tot'.


Boy, I sure have NO idea what to blog about...

...sigh, I think I'm better off making some coffee.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Skeletal look..?

Wassup' with tat' Skeletal look..?

Check out the latest additions to the brood of 'walking skeletons' in Hollywood... Can you figure out who they are...?

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by
Yes, you got that right. It's Nicole ultra-thin Richie & Lindsay gone-skinny & blonde Lohan.

Geez, I'm not even hoping this to be a mere fad. Really hope that no one believes in this anorexic look. I mean, look at that! Just how 'healthy' is that?!

We've seen this look around in Hollywood. The likes of Calista Flockhart, Lara Flnn Boyle, Mary-Kate Olsen... And now, them??! That same pale, gaunt and lifeless look.

Heck, people are already pointing fingers at them with taunts bout' them being 'coke junkies' and other what nots. Maybe it's insomnia. All that late night partying is sure to screw up anybody's sleeping pattern.

Really girls, if hanging out with Paris (Hilton) can give you back the look you had previously (fleshy / rosy / pretty / healthy), you sure are better off with her.

Away for Umrah.

Away for Umrah.

The 4 of 'em
Originally uploaded by crush-ice.

My uncle and his wifey plus Yan their eldest son, my parents plus myself. And later on (in fact so much later that my grandpa check-in already), my other uncle plus his wifey.
We made our way to the airport to send my grandpa, his wifey, their in-law (besan) and grandson (my sort-of cousin) off to Jeddah for umrah (optional holy visit to the holy land of Mecca & Medina for religious purposes/minor pilgrimage).

Despite the screw-up with regards to the visa issue, the departure is as planned and the false alarm a few day back was thankfully.... a false alarm. Sheesh.

My grandpa's recurring spate of back pain was a cause for worry. The pilgrimage is not going to be easy for him. He was wheeled in (on a wheelchair, duh) back at the airport. For him to walk on his own all the way to the boarding gate, No Way!

My cousin Yan, he brought up this issue about things seeming a weeny bit funny. Like how we bothered to come this far to send grandpa off... and other what-nots. He's supposedly saying that something might happen... Ish.

Anyway, I prayed for their safety, to and from their journey and may they fulfill all the obligatory procedures as required. May they be evolved in religious bliss and may they attain the peace they much needed. Let them have the blessings, as with others, once they set foot on the holy land.

As for my cousin, I pray for his tolerance and patience whilst being surrounded by 3 'senior citizens'. May he have the strength to help them carry whatever they can't. May he absorb fully this enriching experience into his young mind and let this knowledge that he's attained guide him well into the future.

Insya-Allah. Amin

Friday, June 03, 2005

Bro's B-dae Dinner

B'dae bro I
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Bro's B-dae Dinner

No one actually decided where we should go for the dinner - despite having planned the dinner the week before. This is becoming much of a problem... Sheesh.

I know I was being anti-climatic when I asked him the previous weekend, "What do ya want for ya b'dae? I simply have no idea what to get ya."

I was such a bitch (if a guy's called a jerk), I noe. He blushed (either that or it's the feverish heat reddening his skin), shrugged his shoulders and said, "I dunno. Anything can lah."

That was nice of him. When I asked him the same question last year, he asked for either Dimebag Darrel's (still alive then) or Kirk Hammet's black guitar. That cost more than $2K! I offered him a gadget for him to bring to his jamming session instead. In the end, I bought neither. Goodness knows what I bought him last year....

Niwae, my dad eventually suggested East Coast Lagoon Food Centre (his fav'). I know that name rolled off his tongue easily. He's just waiting for the right moment to say it, so it will seem like he just tot' of that place. No grudges against ECLFC but I was kinda' thinking of some restaurant somewhere.... Sheesh.

Yeah, anyway we eventually decided on a G-Shock for my bro. That'll definitely last, given the environment he works in. Something to endure the elements..... Oh, plus an ADIDAS fragrance which I saw him sniffing eagerly at, a few days back. The G-Shock, I saw him admiring through some display window somewhere that same day he sniffed at that perfume. All his body languages, I observe and take it as some hint.

I reported to my dad, what I saw and eventually concluded and he smacked his forehead (literally) and said, "No wonder he kept looking at the G-Shock watches when we go shopping at Mustafa that day!"

Daaaaaad!!! *growls*