Tuesday, May 31, 2005

b'dae Bro

Happi B'dae, Bro

Here's someone whom I've known ALL my life. My buddy-best pal-my secrets storage tank-compatriot-partner.in.crime-the guy who teach me to love rock music and most importantly, MY BROTHER. My one & only. Heh, he's my only sibling, actually.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
That-by the way, is a WIG.

He turned 26 a few hours back. That makes him OLDER than me. Somehow, I pamper him like he's younger. Yesh, if there's one person I love pampering, it's HIM.

But fair is fair. He is protective of me. Will try his best to help whenever or wherever he can. Especially whenever the inconsiderate me asked him to fetch him in town late into the night. Despite working the morning shift the day after, he'll oblige, settling easily for some supper or a pack of ciggs (not that HE ask. I offered. I like to pamper him, remember??).

He understands and listens to me. He's one who can talk bout' anything and he's honest with his opinions/comments and he does have good taste. People are amazed at how chummy I am with him. He doesn't feel embarrassed walking around with his sister - shopping, eating, play pool or just walk around.

My own frens were surprised at the manner that I converse with my bro. To them, elder brothers are admired, adored and looked up to. To me, he's my equal. I know some of his friends thought it's very strange and I was often mistaken to be his gal. Yeah, we looked a bit different. So what?

Anyway, bro. Here's wishing you a VERY HAPPIE 26th B'DAE.
Do cut down on the ciggs and the junk food, okies? And try to sleep earlier every night. You'll develop real-time insomnia, soon at the rate you keep your late nites. Your health is VERY impoertant. To me, to Mummy & to Daddy.

May you achive what you strive for in life. Be it the girl of your dreams, your career and others you deem important. May you be guided in the right path, always. I pray for your happiness and REMEMBER, we - Mum, Dad & myself will always be behind you. We'll always be there for ya. Just don't disappoint us. Take care, Mate (he wanna be a surfer).

Love you lots! *muacks*

Friday, May 27, 2005



It started innocently enuff'.....

"...she sat upright on her knees, her hands covered in what looked like pasta sauce, her forehead smeared with war paint..."


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Night of champions

Sitting on the Fence.

All the adrenaline rush helped me to stay awake and boy, I'm glad it's all over. Both programmes, both finals and both had my favourites battling each other. Naturally, I didn't root for anyone. Never have I felt so at ease, being neutral and all...

First programme: THE CONTENDER
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Sergio Mora~The Latin Snake~THE Contender

He's one lean, mean punching machine. Ok, so he's more scrawny than he is buffed but damn, he sure threw good, strong punches. Yes, he ducked and run a lot but that's what you call tactics.

Peter Manfredo Jr. meanwhile, despite being more focused, is just not consistent. Lower stamina, I guess.

For someone who's too poor to buy his own car, he actually walked away with not one but TWO new Toyota trucks and a cool sum of $1 million.
Boy, he sure deserved it.

Congratulations to all LIVERPOOL fans!

Yes, I am not a Liverpool fan but I know better than to root for Arsenal in the Champions League (they're hopeless, lah). Since their big win at the start of the tournament, I can see their 'potential'. Besides they worked so hard. Sure put their critics to shame. Boring tactics, lah. Inconsistent, lah... In your face, man!

I was quick to take back my mean comments bout' Jerzey Dudek. He was such a hero. However, my adulation for captain Steven Gerrard skyrocketed, esp. after the endless praises from manager Rafael Banitez. Him and John Terry, my epitome of great leaders. *swoon*

However, amidst all the celebration, joyous laughter and red confetti, I was searching the background for other faces... Forlorn ones.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
One of whom is Andriy Shevchenko...

I saw the faces of other AC Milan players, as they accepted their (runner-up) medals, looking yearningly at the coveted cup. So near yet so far. So within reach, yet it's not theirs to keep. How that must have hurt. So passionate, they are about the game, that to them the heartbreak should be far worse than a failed relationship.

Shevchenko did not even look at the cup. How it must have felt for him. Devastated. Him lying on the field like that. I can swear he cried. And Kaka. He worked so, so hard. His name was mentioned over and over, with every game that he played in. They playmaker yadaa..yadaa...
As if he doen't look innocent enuff...
Oh, you poor boy, you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Decor Peeks.

Decor Peeks.

Some of the pics are up ~ those depicting only the architectural aspect of the trip. I focused on the decor of First World Hotel Lobby.


Cos' it's the newest, the largest and most interesting. And I stayed there.

I dunno what came over me. I took one pic, like it and I can't stop. I wandered all over, trying to get the good angles, lighting and mood. Even forgot bout' my frens. Siao cha bor.

Aiyoh, it' s just like back to the good ol' school days. Till' now, I still have tons of pictures of buildings, buildings and more buildings. Heck, I even have an album full of pictures taken in public toilets (for a project back in 2nd year).

What about the one where my pals & I secretly climbed up to the roof of a certain condo somewhere and I still have another album full of water tanks, pumps, airwells and lift motor rooms? Or how about those of the various condos in town? From those in Ardmore Park, Balmoral Road, Grange Road...yadaa..yadaa...

After a 3-yr hiatus, I'm back to this nonsense. Thank goodness for digital cameras or I would have wasted good film and money; printing pictures of buildings, building interiors and other what-nots. *grumble grumble*

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The looong reception at First World Hotel.

Go >>HERE<<
Nothing impressive, lah. Just a spur-of-the-moment thingy.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Holiday Mood-still....

Holiday mood....still

Aiyoh, after all that cool climate, hotel posh and lush greenery, this concrete jungle that I'm back in feels soooo.... Duh.

I'm still in ho-lee-dae mood. I still wanna play. I want my Starbucks/Coffee Bean. I have yet to get that Baskin Robbins.... I still wanna venture the outer surroundings. I want the back the cool temperature. The fresh air. I still have another set of return tix for the Genting Skyway!

And I dun care if the place is teeming with tourists! I wanna go baaaack!
Gimme another day with my pals. Pleeeease.....!

Gosh, I missed Genting Highlands... *bored*

Friday, May 20, 2005

Another Long Weekend!!!

Another Long Weekend!

She'll be coming round the mountain
Here she comes
She'll be coming round the mountain
Here she comes...!
Yee Hah!

5-day work weeks are fun! Meaning, we can fully utilise the extra public holiday this coming Monday!!! Hoopa-loo-la!

A plan that starts with 5 interested parties shrunk to a mere 3. Still, it's better than nothing. I've set my mind on this budget trip and I'm not gonna back out.

So Shyba, I know you've taken a good look at this thingy...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
G-Max Reverse Bungy @ Clarke Quay

And Sri, you've taken a ride with me in that but I guess you better get yourself prepared for this...!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The Corkscrew :: The Flying Coaster :: The Turbo Shot

*Rubs hands in glee, Grinning from ear-to-ear*
I can't wait, I can't wait... GENTING HIGHLANDS, here we comeeee...!
I'm an adrenaline junkie, so pardon me. Been awhile since I went thru' this therapy...

Gonna try that new one, The Flying Coaster. I read that the effect will be like being on a hand glider. I dunno how being on a hand glider feels like so I'm gonna feel it for myself. The Corkscrew & Turbo Shot were real thrillers, man! I remember, my mum got a fever after a ride on the Turbo Shot a few years back. Menacing!

*Hums to myself* Tralala....

So, unless I got so bored and ventured into a cybercafe there, I guess there'll be no entry till perhaps...Monday. Well, it's not like I update regularly, anyway.

Aaaargh, I'm bored!!!!

Aaaargh, I'm bored!!!!

I feel so hypocritical sometimes. I got not much work to do..Wait..It's NO work to do. NOTHING. NEIN. NULL. VOID. I'm super-freaking bored.

So what did I do? FYI, my bosses M.I.A today.

I blog-hopped like crazy. Read emails. Download lyrics. Check out new books/albums. Do stoopid quizzez. All plain, boring stuff. That's until I stumbled into Getty Images and saw THESE:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

YES, these gorgeous green eyes belong to the SAME person. Aiyoh, I'm so smitten! With the eyes ONLY.

To know who the eyes belong to, go >>HERE<<

Thursday, May 19, 2005



You tried the Bagus La Mian Yong Tau Foo @ 276 Changi Rd, already? Nice, leh!


Cos' they have many ways to prepare this delicacy; not the usual, "Aunty, Bee Hoon, Soup," or "Aunty, Bee Hoon, Dry."

Here you can try the regular SOUP, HAKKA, HOT & SPICY, BAGUS Special, TOM YAM & (the famous) AMPANG. They not only have the regular fare of bee hoon, rice or mee. You should try the handmade noodles.
I have a penchant for varieties and this concept fits me VERY well.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my mum :: my dad :: done the 'Hakka' way

Oh, I like the decor, too. Very contemporary Oriental style. A fusion of modern concept with traditional taste. I like!

What's your Japanese Name?

Your Japanese Name Is...

Kaede Jimyoin

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

ollie the father/brother

Ollie the father/brother

I think that it's very, very bad of my bosses to leave me behind like this.

Cos' when I'm alone (FYI, my collegue is on MC), I'm bored. When I'm bored, I begin to stuff my face. Yes, I binge. BIG TIME. It sure doesn't help, the fact that both my collegue & I stocked-up the pantry recently. WITH JUNK FOOD. Sigh...

My bosses have scooted off early (as at 4pm) to visit their 'grandchildren'. Apparently their son, Ollie, despite being only 1yr ++ old had managed to mate with his mum & she conceived.

Now, now, before you get disgusted with regards to this incestuous act, let me inform you that Ollie is a puppy. A mini white schnauzer puppy, to be exact. It SHOULD be ok, for puppies to mate with their mums, rite?? I heard that it's only a no-no to do it amongst siblings.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Ollie, the father.
Erk.... I think I'm feeling queasy. Going thru' this fact in words seem too real to me. It does sound like some major blasphemous incest. Dogs or not. I remember asking my bosses, "So are the babies Ollie's kids or siblings...?"

They were dumbstuck at that moment. However, soon after that, they declared that the babies shall be their 'grandchildren'. 3 'grandsons' & 1 'granddaughter'. Hee hee...

I'm more level-headed now cos' the process of solving my problem has headed off from a good start. Hope things will turn out as I expected, if not better. Insya-Allah.



Came back from my morning jog, sat down outside and took off my shoes. As I peeled off my socks, I saw that something wasn't quite right with the sock on my left feet. Something was there. Something brown. Squashed.

Apparently, despite having stuffed my running shoes with my socks before keeping it in the shoe rack, a COCKROACH managed to creep in and reside there, unaware of it's impending fate.

Gee, all the while I was jogging with a full-sized cockroach squashed at the corner of my feet. Bless me, that it wasn't some GECKO or I will never EVER wear running shoes EVER again.

Sorry if I spoiled your meal while reading this but I seriously wanna blog this cos' it's not often I have cockroaches in my shoes and I thought I can laugh my a** of the next time I go thru' my archive and stumble upon this entry.

FYI, my problem still isn't settled. By the end of this week, if there's still no response, I shall take matters into my own hands. Feel better now. No point worrying. Shit happens, aite? Just a matter of when & where.

Monday, May 16, 2005


I tell myself, over and over-Things Happen For A Reason

The same mantra that I tell others; I try so hard to infuse into my own mindset. The turmoil that I'm in, I take it as a lesson to be learnt. Maybe it's a retribution of sorts. Maybe it's a challenge implemented on me. Maybe.....

Uuurgh, I dunno. God is fair. In spite of my troubled thoughts, I manage to sleep and dream a beautiful dream. I was happy for that moment. Although the dream I had next left me confused cos' it seem so real and I wonder if it's something for me to follow, like it's a guide of sorts.

Is that dream meant as a guide? Am I to follow what happened? FYI, I prayed hard before sleeping, asking that my mind and soul be appeased. I even washed my feet.

If I dun learn a lesson after this is over, I dunno what I'll do with myself....

Sunday, May 15, 2005

deep shit.

Deep sh**
I'm in such deep, deep shit.

Such deep shit that I decide to carry a secret known only to my close fren, her mum & myself. I can hold secrets but they are hardly my own. I dunno how I'll cope.
Now you'll see the next best actress at work...

Fark it.

millions, anyone?

Million$, anyone?

I realised that I have a good reason to blog about movies that I've watched. My poor memory has this bad habit of remembering only random things (mostly insignificant) and I have lost track of what movies I've watched and how long ago that was.

The last one (my fren told me) was Constantine and that was pretty long ago. After that, none interest me. They're just too... erm, mainstream??? I dunno, I was interested in those screened during the film festival and everyone knows how expensive those screenings were and we have to keep tab on when & where a particular film was screened (mostly obsecure theatres). Sheesh!

Yesterday, my fren & I were desperate to watch a movie. Any movie-we decided, so we contemplated between either Amityvile Horror, The Interpreter or The Jacket. Too hyped-up, too boring & lousy reviews. Sigh...

Then my fren mentioned 'Millions'. Huh? What movie is that? She said something bout' 2 British kids having found some $$$. *Bingo!*
I heard bout' that movie and it received rave reviews. Coincidentally, there is an exclusive showcase of sorts at PS cos' that's the only screening time that day. By 12pm, when I booked the tickets online, only the front 2 rows are left. And the show's at 4pm! Phew!
*** *** ***
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Anthony & Damian
Millions. Really cute movie. Unexpectedly directed by Danny Boyle- someone known for his less family-friendly fares like Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, and 28 Days Later.

The storyline is simple. Kid found some robbed cash which literally fell from the sky. It doesn't help that kid is a firm believer in Saints and stuff and he thought the cash to be a gift from God. Kid told brother(who is very, very good in mental calculations), and they spend the cash.

The twist: It's year end and in a matter of days, the Pounds they found are going to be worthless. Either they spend it all or they convert it to Euros. And of course, the robber's gonna come hunting for his lost booty.

And the end of the movie, my fren remarked, "The elder brother looked like a young Prince William."
I replied, "Yep. With lotsa' freckles. And the young one looked like MacCaulay Culkin." Pause. "With lotsa' freckles."


There is this movie that I really wanna watch.
Initial D
I would love to put the link in but either the site is screwed up or I am. I spent the afternoon looking for the trailer and I all I got were broken links, dormant sites or chinese sites which are just too difficult to translate.

Not to mention the sites highlighting the Japanese anime version of Initial D. Sheesh!

But the teaser I saw before Millions yesterday already prompt me to make a pact with my bro to watch it together. I know the movie is in Chinese but the motoring action is too good to ignore and I LOVE cars. Especially fast ones. They've good a good star line-up too, including Jay Chou. *swoon*.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The cast of Initial D during the Shanghai F1 Grand Prix.

Yeah, I like Jay Chou. So?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Can help..?

Can help..?

This is an email sent by my Ol' Poly classmate Wengyi, back in the DAT days. He used to be sooo funny with a 'heck-care' attitude to boot. I was really taken aback by how much he's changed when I went into his blog.

Those who think they can help, please DO come forward. Nothing's more meaningful than saving a precious life. Though it is of not much significance to us, DO think of the impact it has upon others.

Thank you.
*** *** ***
The email I received:

"....Hi all, long time no see.

You may be wondering why i'm sending mail to you all of a sudden. Pls do remember that this is not a chainmail.
My girlfriend is currently dying from leaukemia. She needs to find a donor immediately before she reaches the final stage. Her condition is deteriorating everyday. Being visiting the hospital everyday... Her blood type is B+.

I know that i've never being a good friend, or a good platoonmate. And you are not obliged to help me this time. But i beg you, to give her a chance. She may die if the operation fails or if her body rejects the bone marrow transplant. But at least she has the chance.

She had previously found 2 donors who backed out last minute. Now she's given up hope. I do not have a huge social circle as i used to in the past, but i wish that we can find a glimmer of hope from among the many of you here.

If you think you can help us by going for the bone marrow compatability test, pls drop me a comment in my blog:

I hope that all is not too late.

Weng Yi

Saturday, May 07, 2005

mum's dae & hi-tea

Mummy's dae

It's amazing, how much women nowdays prefer the novel way of listening to a syarahan. Fancy going to a swanky place (country clubs, hotels..) to listen to some syarahan, despite the fact that it carries a hefty price-tag (did I hear the cash registers going ka-ching????).

What about those days when ppl just need to stay back after the communal prayers and listen to the syarahan in the mosque - for FREE?

Is it because of the glitz factor - which doesn't not seem to apply to only the location but the invited guests as well? Even ustazs & ustazahs have been brought to the level of stardom. Gaining more popularity than others and having followers wherever they go.

So what's the deal here?

For me, I went to such occasions to accompany my mum. Plus the chance to get into a swanky place and savour the swanky food and get swanky service. The syarahans (& the popular guests) are just a bonus.

So what if I wasn't being less discreet in admitting that?At least I'm not a hypocrite.

Just what 'syarahan' lasts less that 15mins, sandwiched in between fashion shows, sponsor speeches, lucky draws and other what-nots? If you ask me, I think it's just some propaganda on the sponsors' part.

*** *** ***
Anyway, went to another hi-tea at Orchid Country Club just now. Was held in conjunction with Mother's Day, I think.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There's quran recital, lucky draws, syarahan,some sponsor speech, lotsa' sponsors thanking, poem recital, short sketch and...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com
... even a bridal fashion show.

*** *** ***
Ma, I know I have been such a sucky daughter (esp. after what happened this morning). But I want you to know that I really, really cherish you. I acknowledge the sacrifices you've made. I adore you for who you are, what you're doing and where you've been.

I may not be like other ppl's goody, goody daughter. It may take me longer that you wanted, to eventually listen to you. But I'm still the medal you pinned to your uniform and therefore I shall try my very best to make you proud.
Cos' I love you.

Tangisanmu Kedukaanku,
Senyumanmu Kebahagiaanku,
Belaianmu Kerinduanku,
Bawah Telapak Kakimu - Syurgaku.

Your tears are my sorrow,
Your smile is my joy,
Your embrace is what I miss
Underneath your feet - lies my heaven.

~Happy Mother's Day, Ma~
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Bik Su, My MA & Bik As

... And to you too, BiK Su & Bik As.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

missing something???

Missing something???

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Just what is this that I'm feeling? Why do I feel like something is missing? Like I've left a part of me somewhere, somehow. Whenever I look around, I feel that something is amiss.

I seriously think that I missed the kampung life. The surroundings. The large house, the big compound, the air kolah, the kids and the dark, dark & quiet night. Now I feel that S’pore is too over-developed, too polluted, too modern, too.. Clean.

Then I think again, how is it that I can miss a place to this extent? Maybe this is also fuelled by the fact that I have not slept much since Fri nite. Felt so tired…listless…broody and very slackened. My boss comes back tomorrow and my assignments ain't much done yet.

What?! Missing someone?? Who?? Price Charming?!

Come on lah. Like I said, he's forgotten after a couple of days upon my return to S'pore. He's just a piece of the game I had with my other cousins. I tried looking back at his pics...Nothing. No excitement, no gushing/swooning/squealing...
I think I'd better sleep now. I need to finish that assignment tomorrow. Sigh....

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Selangor ~ Apr/May

Balik Kampung
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Nothing beats going back to the kampung with ur chummy cousins. It all read: Fun, fun, fun!
Add into it some soap drama and you have a sure-fire blast!

The only thing lacking: SLEEP

First & foremost, unless you get the carriage with the bunk beds, dun bother taking the 7hr-long train ride to KL. The seats are so not meant for sleeping. What about the fact that they played ROCK MUSIC? Rock music is fine but at 1 AM????! After that, oh goodness gracious me! They actually played Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets. At 2 freaking AM. Oh, did I also tell ya that they didn't off the lights???

Rest at Aunt Mis's place. Shop around KL awhile. Had this sweet fella, a 2nd cousin of mine, who volunteered his services to bring us around. Him and his RM2100 Motorola fone. I do fancy him (go further down to know why..) but I sure love the fone, though. Tix sold out for the Skybridge tour at KLCC. *pissed*

Took a bus to Ijok, Selangor where the kampung is. Bad timing. It's the time where EVERYONE in KL seem to rush back home. A supposed 1 1/2 hr bus trip morphed into some dreary 3 hrs. It was very, very dark when we reached there.

Did I manage to sleep well that nite??? Nayyyy... I suffered at the hands of one of my cousin who slept like a wrestler in the ring and snored like a motorboat. Worst, she's VERY mobile in her sleep. I moved my sleeping location 3x with the hope of finding some peace but ended up being kicked in the head and having to sit up and watching others sleeping, praying hard they won't turn into a face-up position, when their snoring volume will escalate several notches.

Tot' we'll be witnessing the nikah(solemnisation) ceremony. Turns out it's held at the marriage registrar office. Not many can go in. So we walked around the kampung and got so bored we end up snapping pics of sleeping ppl and recording their snores. Amazing decibel count, that all I can say.

As the day inch closer to the evening, some drama unfolded and we saw a smitten guy, Mamat openly pursuing for the affection of my cousin Huda. Freaky, I tell you. I'm not going into details as to how the drama unfolded.

We experienced some culture clash during the kenduri (communal prayer recital cum feast). Over here in S'pore, both the male and female got involved and naturally we dressed up cos' everyone is present and it's only right that we dress well. Somehow there, only the male villagers were involved. The ladies of the house, after preparing the dishes, simply lepak and watch TV and talk amongst themselves. In other words, you can just wear your PJs and no one gives a damn. Problem was, we the S'poreans ACTUALLY dressed up and they were surprised. It eventually beacme a joke amongst them that we gals dressed up to impress some prospective mother-in-law with sons who are eligible bachelors. Ha ha. Very funny.

We all had a good slow talk deep into the night where we eventually see Huda responding positively to Mamat's open affection.Keeping them company was a breeze. It's easy to stay awake when you are surrounded by sleepers rolling all over the floor, snoring like there's no tomorrow.

Sometime around 1AM, when we decided to leave the couple alone by themselves, my 2 cousins & I went on "The Great Orb Mission", where we go around clicking the cam into the darkness, hoping to discover some mysterious orbs lingering around. Some entities from a parallel world, perhaps? I remember leaving my cousins behind and made my way towards the kampung road, which is enshrouded in total darkness. I faced the straight road and gleefully snapped a pic. I looked into the screen-nothing. I looked up and saw a beautiful array of twinkling stars so I called my cousins over. One of them candidly took a pic of the stars (which I think is a dumb idea cos' they're just too far away) and we got what we're looking for. Orbs. Quite a number, actually.

Mamat(the loverboy) dared us to snap a pic of the darkness beside us and see what we can find. I detect a hint of something snide in his words. I remember him telling us that there's 'something' there. I simply stuck my tongue out at him, took my cam and walked away. I ain't gonna let anyone put me in deep s***. It's one thing to do stupid things in ignorance but to insist on doing something despite the hazard is simply looking for trouble.

Here are the pics I took. (I dunno if the orbs can be seen. If you are really curious, I'll be more than happy to email the pics) :
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Tried to snap the stars but got some orbs instead.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
What I thought was NOTHING eventually showed a mysterious entity in the middle and 2 orbs with faces in the bushes (all circled). One of a fat man with a moustach and another of a skinny man with long hair & wearing a farmer's hat.

Anyway, that night (or morning) we slept at almost 5am and woke up at 630am. Before that, we walked around the house when everyone was asleep and laughed at how both the adults & kids slept. Spread-eagle, frog-style and even a lost 'dolphin' who slept face-down with the leg propped high against the wall, the feet angled like flippers.

That morning, we groggily packed our stuff cos' we need to leave early, seeing that we need to be at Puduraya, KL at noon. We were mostly happy but the villagers seem pretty sombre. No one like to see their guests go and they would much prefer us to stay there longer.

Oh, ya. I need to come clean about something. No trips with a bunch of gals is complete without some 'obsession' with someone of the opposite gender. Someone that most of us will take a similar liking to and created some playful rivalry amongst ourselves; telling one another that 'The Best Gal Wins'. It's really fun when all of us turned in his direction whenever he appeared, swooned whenever he spoke and gushed at how smart/charming he looked in Baju Kurung. We were so desperate to get a pic of him in baju kurung that we took a pic of him; asleep - in the Baju Kurung, no less. We dun care if he realized our 'affection' for him. All we know is we amused ourselves doing that. Naturally, that fella will be forgotten a couple of days after our return to S'pore. Crazy, huh?

Anyway, some 4 cars were needed to transport us to the bus stop where we'll take the bus to KL. We already planned to take the car driven by our Prince Charming but backed out in the last minute cos' after his mum and bro got in, there's simply no space for us. Darn.

We snapped group pics at the bus stop and desperate as we were to snap his pics, I took a panoramic video, starting position at where he's standing and end at him. All my cousins squeal at my ingenuity. Heh. We were so crazy. Turned out, we needn't have bothered so. He is such a great sport that he naturally posed whenever we had our cam pointed in his direction. In the end, we had quite a no. of his pics.

Anyway some 'drama' unfolded, where Mr Loverboy succumbed to his petty self and got off the bus after some very innocent question. He left us speechless but all went well, when the car driven by our Prince Charming tailed our bus and when we waved at him, he gave a megawatt smile and flashed the 'peace' sign with his hands on the wheel. Oh, how we squealed! Goodness, we ARE crazy...

More drama unfolded when Mr Loverboy, Prince Charming & mum actually sent us off at Pudu. Huda was smiling and blushing by then and we had a whale of a time getting close to Prince Charming. (Yes, we got really daring cos we're going back already, anyway). Their mum was such an emotional lady & we teased her by singing sad, goodbye-themed songs when boarding the bus. So bad, I know but she looked so cute, holding back her tears. When we thought that the bus was already setting off, Prince Charming actually got on the bus to take so last pics of us on his RM 2100 fone. I grabbed my cam and took a pic of him at the same time. Little that I know he will pose - again. Swoooon!

The bus journey was great. We were so dead-beat that everyone was fast asleep even before the bus left KL. We missed the expected jam too! What a breeze of a journey!

Phew! I had a great long weekend. Did you..?

Go >>HERE<< for the peeks