Saturday, August 28, 2004

There's a thin line between love & obsession. Drive it.

"....The Z4 2.5i is candy to the senses. With the first glance comes instant gratification, quickly followed by more profound pleasures and lasting rewards. A 2.5-liter six-cylinder engine that can clock 60 mph in 7.1 seconds* on its way to a top speed of 146 mph. Massive four-wheel disc brakes for quick stops. Laser-sharp steering for quick lane changes and tight cornering. The Z4..."

I was never a fan of BMWs. Well, not until my fren pointed out the BMW Z4 at the Holland V car park. That was last Sat, but I'm still thinkin bout' that baby...


But then again, a bit too fancy, lah. Also, where got $$$ ?

...Sheesh... So I sit back, hands behind my head...and continue dreamin...


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I have this knack for using metaphors to get my point thru' though I wonder if it really works... Eg:

"...You've dug the whole..You gotta cover it up yourself. Be careful that you dun fall in. Someone may help you, but that person won't have any idea why the hole is there, what it's for. Even if you tell, it won't have much significance on that individual cos' he/she is not the un' who dug the hole in the 1st place...Quickly fill back the hole, before you tire of the idea, before the sun harden the soil or the rain burden it... Ppl may fall in, maybe get hurt. Maybe it can even be yourself..."

Meaning: You got yourself into trouble, you get yourself out of the mess. Make sure you are not trapped by your own problems. Someone may help you but may not know why the problem surfaced. As much as you try to explain, that person may not be able to relate themselves to the situation for it's not their undoing anyway. If you dun settle the problem early, you may drag the issue & circumstances may complicate the situation further, getting others involved unecessarily or you may fall even deeper into the problem...

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Like I said, watchin at IMAX has always been a great experience. Everything is just so much larger-than-life('life' referring to regular theatres...)
When the action starts, I can't help wincing everytime Spidey kena hit or when he fell (which happened rather often...)When something funny happened(he's a klutz..) it was almost hilarious. When he got heart broke.... Anyway he looks like a 12-yr old kid 1/2 the time...
But everything has its not-so-good part. When it's boring(happens with his aunt....) I couldn't take it. Felt like fast-forwarding. If watchin it normally would be 8/10..This IMAX experience mekes it 9/10..It felt THAT much better. much do you think GV paid me to promote their IMAX theatre?

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Gonna watch Spiderman II at IMAX later. Yipeee!! Love the IMAX experience. Last time I went there, I watched Matrix Revolutions. Superb, man. Esp. the fighting scene in the rain...
Betcha, it's gonna feel like I'm in the OmniMax theatre when Spidey swings around...Whoo!

The epitome of perfection in women...Dressed 60's style, perfectly coiffured hair, better being blonde, heels, good ettiquette and ALWAYS serves the husband...Scary...

Watched The Stepford Wives yesterday..Boooring.... I just need to entertain myself. Nic Kidman looks horribly tall beside Matt Broderick. In fact, she looks like a giant 1/2 the time. The whole movie is fake, corny and ridiculously streotyped. See how narrow ppl can be. Even the twist is no less twisted than Alice In The Wonderland.
The only good thing bout' this movie? Gorgeous gardens and even superb-looking cars at the men's clubhouse courtyard.

Ok...An extract from
"...It's Got: Pastel dresses, caked-on make-up, and the most prettiest ATM machine you'll ever clap eyes on.
It Needs: A finale that doesn't look like it's been hurriedly stuck on after the dismal failure of audience test screenings (which, in actual fact, it was).
Alternatives: The Stepford Wives (1975), To Die For, The First Wives Club
Summary: It's safe to say nobody will remember this version twenty years down the line - but it's a reasonable enough distraction while it's on. 6/10
Review by Gary Panton..."

Ian Thorpe, world record holder, Gold medalist, 200m men's swimming

Despite the fatigue of working almost 12 hrs in the office, I was still able to stay up to catch my favourite Olympic sport - starting at less...swimming..! Woo hoo! Especially the ultimate showdown back on 16th Aug..The 200m mens' freestyle...

To see all my 3 heroes on the podium...Priceless...
Bronze~Michael Phelps (USA)
Silver~Pieter Van Hoogenband a.k.a Hoogie (Nederlands)
Gold~ Ian Thorpe a.k.a Thorpedo (Australia)

FYI..Michael Phelps is the mens' butterfly champion...Whoo!

The women gave lotsa' surprises. China gotta their first gold in swimming in years...The world champion fell...And a rising star in the form of a 16-yr old from Italy... And the Romanian swimmer who didn't know she won...Yep, an underdog..Even the commentators hardly notice/talk bout' her.

Then 2 days back, I found out the Hoogie and former world champion/the original 'torpedo' - Alexander Popov, didn't make it thru' the qulifying round for 100m freestyle. Disappointing...Hoogie is always the one with the fastest time... And Popov is revered even by Ian Thorpe himself...Shucks...

Guess now I can onli update my blog once a week, huh? Sianz.....
Been overtimeming for more than a week, now, going home at least ard 8pm....And I am still up to my neck with work...Seriously.
Funny thing is, I dunno what is the work I get done! After all that OT-ing, I can't find a work that's done...Ish...Something is amiss....Hmmm.....Hmmpf!

Monday, August 09, 2004

Oh, ya...4got. Before it's too late...

H-A-P-P-I-E N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L D-A-E ! ! !

Is it the 39th yr? Guess so..Ok ..Happie 39th b'dae S'pore!!! Ahem.. Sooo, do I sound patriotic? sucker...
The long weekend is just over. So what if it's a long weekend? I hardly had any fun out of it. Ok, lah. Getting involved in a wedding is pretty fun. And tiring.

Friday(eve)- Overtime. Suddenly realized I gotta lotsa' deadlines by next Wed.
- Send my granny to my uncle's @ Bukit Panjang.
-Drop by my aunt's (who's having the wedding) to see wat's up and realised there's lots to be done. Help 2 decorate the wedding gifts. Stayed there till 1+am. Brought my niece from Blakang Padang(who's a yr younger and supposedly looked like me..har har) home. Luckily we got along...

Sat(morn.)- Collect epok2x from my fren's for my aunt. Brought my niece, Indah(yeap, that's her name) along.
- Realised that the wedding gifts are still not ready. The nikah is this afternoon. Rushed. I dunno if the family is impressed but we ( inclusive of moi cousins) are given the job to style up the mas-kahwin, collect the cake, decorate the bridal car...Whatever. Dunno that a stressed-up bridegroom can be super irritating(sorry Abg. Ani..)
- After the nikah, got back to attend my neighbour's wedding and drove my parents to 2 more. Came back to the wedding to fetch my niece and her family who just arrived, 2 my home. Tot of coming back and O/N at the wedding. Too tired, liao. By then it's almost 1. Slept while talking to my mom while watchin' Winter Sonata.

Sun(till' eve.)- THE WEDDING. My cousin gotta' a great no. of bikes to escort him to his wifey's. Wah lau. 6 Harleys + more than 10 scooters & vespas + more than 10 tzrs..Whatever it is the procession turned heads (you would if you see the ruckus) The whole area is covered in helluva' noise and exhaust fumes and the smell of burnt rubber.
- Back to work @ moi cousin's wedding.
- Back home with the Blakang Padang family. Brought them to the nearby pasar malam. Packed, man.

Mon(till' eve)- Brought the Blakang Padang family to Geylang.
- Send them to Harbourfront Ferry terminal.
-Realized it's moi uncle's b-dae. Bought a cake to celebrate with him + bought some medication for my aunt who lost her voice.
-Send my mom to buy some health supplements. Missed national day celeb. but caught it on the car radio.
-Gotta miss Goh Chok Tong as Prime Minister...*sob. He's a great man.

END OF STORY....kinda' long, eh? So much for trying to shorten my entries...

Had an overnite camp at East Coast Park with me cousins, nephews & nieces on 31st July-1st Aug. Great fun, I'd say. Good for the kids. Give them an idea, what it's like to be outdoors and inject some 'adventure' into their life..Har har...How corny...
We managed to see some fireworks from the National Day preview...Yayy..But returning home was hell, man. Super-shagged, liao... Good tip:kids are never really good when it come to packing up & cleaning up. Esp. when u r 1 of the only 2 adults there...
Worse, I come home to gastric-flu. Of the worst kind. Shucks.

This, is Vladimir Garin..He acted as Andrey in Le Retour a.k.a The Return. He died before even the preview of the film. He actually died in the same lake that they acted in for the movie (though not during the shooting). He drowned...
The sad thing? He is a great actor. You should see his transformation - From a goody-goody who tries hard to impress the newly-found father, to a big brother who takes charge. Oh he can can really widen his eyes, literally. It would have been nice too see more of his acting...

This, is one hell of a good movie. Actually, I watched this almost 2 weeks ago. No time to update...Shucks.
The movie, poignant, yet... Ok, I'm hardly a movie critic. Let's leave it to the experts...

"BRILLIANT...A STUNNING PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER! One of those great unnerving movies that lingersin the mind long after the lights come up. Rating: A."– Lisa Schwarzbaum, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY
"COMPELLING! A masterful piece of cinema... the film goes to a deeper, more profoundly emotional place than its surface gifts would necessarily predict."– Kenneth Turan, LA Times
WORLD CINEMA– By Scarlet Cheng, Special to the LA TIMES
"Spare and austere in its painterly beauty.... this sublimely enigmatic picture seetheswith tumultuous inner life." -Ella Taylor, LA Weekly