Saturday, July 24, 2004

It's time I make my blogging short & sweet (bleagh!) 

Watching yesterday's episode of nip/tuck...It started off pretty silly. Fancy a severed head talking. Talk about being schizophrenic...
But towards the end..One word. Heart-wrenching.

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

I can't believe I actually make a fool of myself with the previous blog...I sure sound like one of those silly girls who actually hold hopes of snaring their fav. actor...Bleagh... Dream on.
Whatever.. I wonder if there's anyone one there who has an effective remedy for absent-mindedness..Of the serious kind. Really... Yesterday, driving home from work, I actually did not turn on the headlights. Yeap..And I left the office at 1930..Dark, I'd say. It's only after I drop my collegue off, that this lady has the courtesy of flagging me down to tell me bout' my headlights... (Thank god it's a civillian...Not the TP..Phew!) I almost banged my head on the steering wheel. Dumb-ass! What if something happened?! Of course I never breathe a word of this to my family.. (Esp. moi dad..) He'll nag...and nag...and nag.....
The reason why I dared to blog this is beacuse my family dunno bout' this blog...Hope my bro dun figure out... Well... it helps if u guys keep mum.... Orite?! *lock pinkies*

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Recognise this guy? He is one of the reasons why I'm such a faithful follwer of Alias. Look closely. Well??? Any resemblance to...... S-A-R-K (only those who followed the show know who I'm talking about..)
Well, yep, he's the guy who potray the ultra-baddie Sark, the supposedly.. (refer to profile below).
Look different, rite. You can actually see the twinkling in his eyes with the genuine smile. So different from the ever-so-cold and ultra cunning bugger he potrays in Alias. Btw, his real name is David Anders...
Alias: Sark
Present Location: Unknown
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Possibly Galway, Ireland
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 175
Sex: M
Age Unkown; estimated at mid to late 20's. Grew Up England, where he went to school at a young age.
Race: Caucasian
Languages: English, French
Education: Unknown
Employment: No affiliation. Only history is that he works for "The Man" ie. Irina Derevko.
Personal Details: None
Miscellaneous: Assassinated Quan Li, leader of SD-6 rival FTL. Killed Ilyich Ivankov, head of K-Directorate.
Training/Special Skills: Unknown, but consider him highly dangerous

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As always, this Alias Episode left me thrilled. So thrilled I can't sleep yet. Yikes! 
Somebody should write in to ABC tv and suggest that there be a movie version of this awesome TV show. Will blow everyone away(me esp.)! This and CSI..Or CSI:Miami. All greeeaaat shows ever. Mind-blowing!
Gosh I stumbled upon the Alias 'spoilers' page. Luckily I never read, or I'll never forgive myself for it....So much for suspense...Posted by Hello

Monday, July 19, 2004

I AM getting lazier and lazier to update this thingy. See the pic of the Greeks? Still there! That was ages ago! Sheesh...
My weekend calendars now jam-packed(esp. now with me being the full time driver). Basir & the other guys..So so sorry. Been turning down our meet-ups 2 straight weeks..I noe u guys are pissed. But I will try to make it for the nex un'.
Jus warning you, the National Day weekend is out of question. Got weddingSSSSS..Is that 5s there? That's the no. of weddings that weekend, including the big un', my own cousin's wedding. That will take up the whole of that Sun. That weekend would not have been busy for me, if not for the fact that I have to bring my parents to all the various locations for the jemputanssss. Why, oh why do my bro have to work as a lifeguard(trainee) !
Can't he take a regular 9-5 job or at least one that have off-days on the weekends! Hmmpf! Who am I to complain? Not that I dun like to drive, but I kinda despise long distance driving. Just step on the gas and nothing else and brake a bit when it goes too fast. No adventure, lah! But night drives are fun, esp. down ECP. Love that place. Gotta go there someday...Again. Heee..
My dad should get his license, man. Not as if he can't drive. He just dun want to. Maybe he's the scared un'...My cousin has be chiding me.."Eh, like this, whenever I see ur parents, I'll c u, lah?" He may be joking, but it hit right on target. My already dissipating life is diminished. Now I'm my parents "little girl" aka The Driver. Heh, sounds like a character from Kill Bill...
That saturday I chose to go out with my fren, leaving my parents having to go to Jurong on their own. Felt so bad, man... Well, I can't have my cake & eat it at the same time. Please moi frens or appease moi parents... Take it or leave it. Ciao.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Nothing pisses me off more that clashing tv programmes. Ever had one day when you have to struggle with the remote control, practice perfect timing and solely trust your instincts all at the same time cos' all your 3 favourite tv programmes are playing at 3 different channels? The best part - all chose to play the commercials at the same time. Drats!
Especially last wednesday. I discovered that Amazing Race played at 2000 on AXN. I decide to catch that since I'm sending me mom to work at 2230 and will miss the Ch 5 version. Then the greatest part. . .
2130-TV 3-Black Sash
2200-Central-Film Art 'Adour'
2300-Ch 5-CSI:Miami

Last Friday....Indonesian Idol @ 2030 RCTI}
Malaysian Idol @ 2100 TV 8} This un the best - I risk missing the GOOD CONTESTANTS SINGING..sheesh....

Monday, July 12, 2004

Hey there, sorry, lah...Been sometime since I last update my blog but I'm juz too tired. Full time driver, part-time daughter. Been ferrying my parents around, esp. sinc my poor gramma is now in Jurong, been goin there to & fro.
Nothing much except that this weekend has been lotsa' 'first times' for me as a driver. 1st time on expressways, parking at multi-storey CPs, go to shopping malls, use cashcard payment, parallel parking and joyride to ECP with my pal, Shyba. All in 2 days. See, told you I drove around(thou a bit too much...)
My gramma looks so shrunken now that I was so scared for her. She just been thru' knee surgery only yet she looked like she been thru' much worse. This happened before... My great-gramma only broke her hip-bone and now she's no more...One thing leads to another....Wokay..wokay..She's gonna be fine..She's gonna be fine....Insya-Allah...em>

Monday, July 05, 2004

Greece won, lah. My bro called it, "A present for the Olympics." Rubbish. Buth Greece & Portugal ain't really my fav. but been a little on Portugal's side towards the end. But Greece did play really well this morn. I may not realli like Christiano "The-Teen" Ronaldo tat much but his passion can put other senior players to shame. He may lose a ball but he will go all the way to get it back. Maybe that passion comes with his youth. Nonchalance.
Then there's the Ex-Brazilian "Hoobastank" Deco. Little thing that has a talent that's way bigger than his size. Whoa! All that hoo-haa bout' Luis "most-no.-of-fouls-in LaLiga" Figo not liking Deco's status as a former Brazilian made me curious bout' this little fella. But Figo deserves some respect too, esp. after his play with Holland. "The Evangelist", the say. Whatever. But to discard that ever-burdening ego of his, for the sake of team unity, esp. since he's the captain, he's reached another level. Scolari still the best coach(hey, Brazil didn't win the World Cup for nothin..) Oh, sorry Wenger, you too.
Thought I am not affected by Portugal's loss, but when my boss(who's not into soccer) asked me who won, my heart sank. Maybe the truth hurts after all. But things happen for a reason, dun they? Thinking bout' those sad/unhappy/disappointed faces of fans & players heart really goes out to them. Hey, I can still feel it while typing this...
Amazing. The tournament ends the same way it starts. With the loss, included. Strange, but true.... Hey, how much have you guys lost/won???!! Posted by Hello