Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Here's a peek of the environment I live in. The babies I sleep with....And my office. That's my workstation, there. Posted by Hello

The latest fotos are in! Click here for the pics of Liyun's b'dae BBQ : and here for pics of moi cousin's new baby girl. Posted by Hello

Friday, June 25, 2004

*YaWn* I'm still sleepy (thou I make no effort to sleep yet..)
I didn't expect this morn's match to drag on for soooo long. I was alreadi cursing for it had caused me to lose > 1hr's worth of ppprrreciousss...sleep.Draw once. X-tra time. Draw 2wice. Then penalty shootout. 2nd shootout. By then I was like, "Oh, gosh, pls let it end soon...." Inside, I was like,"And make sure England lose. Pleeasssee..." Just to make all this lack of sleep worth it. Doesn't help that I am clocking in an hour early for work 2dae. Seriously, I'm not a fan of Portugal. I just wanna c England's defeat. I can hear ppl saying, "Sadisttt!" Hey, to each his own. I made my choice. Now, France & Greece. Top-dog & underdog.
Another thing....(Ok let's sing together, now..) "I got my nuuu car..I got my nuuu car..." Yep yep yep. Just got my car this evening. My cousin (who drove it) managed to covince me to drive it during the last leg home. It's now or neva. I did. It's smoooth, baby! Duh! All new things are nice. Can't wait for my bro to come back & hit the roads again for a nite drive. Maybe even the expressways. Woo hoo!
Driving isn't that bad after all. Xcept tat I've yet to recover my parking skills. Yet to park at multi-storey CPs and master the art of filtering. After that maybe I can drive on my own...full-time. *wink*

Thursday, June 24, 2004

Gotta watch the showdown bet. England & Portugal..So fast! Got no time to catch enuff' sleep. Guess what? My boss knew I stay up to watch these matches. It sure doesn't help that I thought I saw him noticing me sleeping on the job. Shucks! I remember, he was about to discard the newspaper he used during lunch when he decide to read it. Suddenly he asked," Siti, u watch soccer, rite?" I was flabbergasted(so he was reading the sports news)... "Ermm..Yeah."
Then he asked, "So did you stay up to watch?" Whoops. "Urh, only some. Those important ones." Gosh I can't believe he still remembered I love soccer. I remember telling him last time that I didn't look for a job soon after school ended cos' I wanna catch World Cup '02. What a thing to tell your boss! Ish! Oh ya, he managed to ask, when I told him the matches start at 0245, "Did you actually stay awake all the way?" I was quick to answer, "I sleep first, then wake up."
His wife even managed to add, "Oh, I've been wondering why you've been wearing specs these past few days...Cos' your eyes are too tired to wear lenses after watching soccer.." Huh? I never thought of that. I quickly tell her bout the 'tembel' I had on my eye which caused it to swell. Great.
Tomorrow is the day we collect the new car. I said 'we' cos' it won't be just my dad & myself(or bro). My uncle & cousin are coming along. Seems like both are more excited bout' this newbie than I am. Maybe I'm just quivering at the thought of driving again after a long time...It doesn't help that my mom has plans to go out early Sat morning. Go here go there. Doesn't she understand I may have difficulty driving around with my rusty skills and a brand new car?? My dad(who understands) keep giving each other 'the rolled-eyes' whenever she talk bout' goin out this Sat. Pressure, man!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

2 of my fave teams out of Euro '04 alreadi. *sob sob Moi Spaniards and hot-blooded Italian...Uwaaahhh!
Next stop-The Dutch or the Germans. I'm neutral bout these teams. Either one will do. The French hasn't been playing THAT well, but I'm still glad they're in. Hey, moi fave team! Still gotta support, what....Sleeping really well now cos' I'm not gotta miss a single match from the quarter finals on... Hold on tight!!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2004

I mentioned the the camera & the film thingy in my previous post. Well, I now realized y...My cousin msg my dad @ 3pm, saying that she's given birth to a baby girl. Wow!..Sigh..Another new life into this crappy world...
My parents got all excited. Not surprisingly, they mentioned bout' goin to the hospital to visit her that very day. I can't believe my parents. Keep wanting to go out. And there's no car yet. How about when the car finally arrived? I'm gonna die!! Who else to drive but yours truly...? I think every month we r gonna bust lotsa $$$ on petrol & carparking.
Ok, back to topic. We really visit my cousin at ard 4+. I was kinda paiseh to knoe that we actually arrived earlier that the baby's OWN grandparents.*blush*....This thing bout newborn babies..So red, so fragile.Sooo...tiny. Of course I neva carried her. I dunno y I'm scared of carrying babies.Scared I'll break them or something. Maybe it's the dropping part. Whateva.
Aniwae, the other family members arrived later on. I got camera crazy. Click here, click there. Got 16 more film!Was worried bout the impact of flashlight on babies but I was told that babies can only see propoerly when they're bout' 4mths old. The ones who told me that? My 2 MALE cousins. Talk bout being paiseh..*blush again*.
Desperate to finish that roll of film, I asked my zany cousin to finish it up. Dunno what he clicked at...
Stopped by Bedok to top-up ez-link. Remembered my dad once wanted to eat at LJS. So I suggested having dinner there. Satisfaction guaranteed. The waffle fries taste superb. Less salty than the original uns... Then it's home. Here I am. Will post pictures as soon as I washed the film. Time to go digital, baby. All this washing & scanning is getting strenuous!

Celebrated Daddy's Dae yest. Kinda' cool, I guess. Just that my bro can't join us. Him and his new job...
Yep, aniwae, we had lunch at Pondok Gurame, East Coast. My mom wana go to the one at Lot 1 cos' it's new but...hello??! The weather is so darn hot! We even took a cab. Lunch was great. The best is of course the fried Gurame. Yum! Oh, and the sambal belachan. Superrr spicy! My mom say it taste good cos' got buah binjai. Whateva that is...
While at East Coast, we decide to walk to Parkway Parade(again??!)...Great weather. Not too hot. Lotsa' breeze..I realli mean lots. Some ppl sleep in hammocks. We chose a secluded spot and sat. My mom sat by the beach. She looked sooo round from the back (Think she's startin to put on weight). My dad & I took a pic on his fone. Cute! Ha har...I 4got bout the camera at home. Still got some film left from yest's gathering. But I remembered that it's thru' a camera & some unfinished film that I discovered my version of The Butterfly Effect (click here to see). So I decide to let it be & not fret so much..(Although it seems such a waste cos the beach looked sooo good..) At Parkway, what else but shop, lor. Have a great cuppa at Ya Kun. Luurve that place. It's where ppl still eat kaya toast & 1/2 boiled eggs despite it being almost 6pm!( I think my daddy's hooked on their coffee). Survey various hp. My fone...gone-case, ppl can't hear me talking to them... *sob...
Go home, very shagged. Watch tv..What else? Didn't even go online. Almost slept at midnite. Luckily bro (who's getting darker by the day) reminded me to watch W.S. If not...Uwaaahhhh! Posted by Hello

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Had a sort-of class gathering today. Kind of. It's actually Liyun's bdae and maybe ard 1/2 the class were there. Ok lah. Great time to catch up with one anothers' lives...
The dae didn't realli start well for me...Do you eva have ONE day when everything seem to go wrong??? Maybe 2dae's MY dae. early morning, got stomachache of the major kind.(I think yesterday's mee soto got super-extra chilli..) Then in the office I realize I 4got me fone(to refer to previous post).
When I actually planned to leave early, my boss gave me a new job at 5pm and told me to get the layout ready by 6pm (wonderwoman, here I comeee!!!)Sigh..Of all days...Then even after I get the work done b4 630..I began to feel 'paiseh' bout' leavin b4 me bosses. So I stayed. They left a little b4 7.
Went to the main road to get a cab. Neil.Nacht.Null.Void.Whateva. There's juz no taxis. I began to feel like the new Stamford Raffles. 20mins...Still no cab. It occured to me that the other side may have some. None. A min later, I looked again. One. A little more..Another one. That's it. I'm crossing over. Juz dun tell me there's a cab on the side where I once stood like an idiot...Less then 1min, I'm alreadi in a cab..The journey, thank goodness is alrite. Yeah, then its time to pay...$17??! Erk! The Q at the ATM is like buying 4D. Patience, my fren...Figuring out wat to buy...I'm in a hurry & yet, need to buy sumthin...Ahah! Cards & Such! What can I get..Hmm..Cute beanie babies...Less than $10. At 10% disc..Got a duck and scented candle. Upon payment, I got 'psychoed' by the lady to buy a carrier..$5 additional..What got into me, man. Can't I juz say no? Must be this place. Last time I came here..I bought a car.Yikes!
Bus trip was ok...Managed to put film in and the card out of my 'rubbish' bag. On the lift, I wondered how I'm gonna noe her house when I dun haf her unit no?? Stepping out of the lift.."Bayya!!" Ok, my question answered. Her unit's nex to da lift.
Rest awhile, then I went out to the BBQ area. Oh no! My slipper strap snapped. My slipperrr!!! Darn, it's gonna b a looong way home...
I hobbled around in those. Managed to take some pics. I should have juz bought a 12 instead of 24. Now what am I gonna do bout' the other 14??
Luckily Lixian's guy wanna send to MRT. I dragged Xavier & A-long along. Paiseh, lah go alone...Expect the unexpected...I was dropped off at Admiralty, not Woodlands. My mistake. The silly me(hoobling ard with rubberband-strapped slippers) actually followed my frens cross the bridge onli to realize I need to take the bus from the other side. #@$^%&*!!!
Almost slept in the bus(despite me lenses). But those jerks behind me just can't cease talkin nor lower the volume... At Tampines..when taking 22, I actually intend to sit on the uppa deck. Fat chance. I almost trip on that slipper while boarding. Just sit downstairs...*frown*
Well...At least I'm home safely (despite all those mishaps). Just had an MSN conversation with Nadia & Haron, my ol' classmate from Sec sch...Miss those daes...

Friday, June 18, 2004

Today, of all daes...Why..Oh y....did I forget my hp, todae...?! Good alternative. Email.(bless it!) Managed to get thru' to Vien to get Liyun's & Iris's fone number. Juz in case... All I noe is tat from Woodlands Int, take 900 and drop off at the 3rd bus stop. Cool huh? Then after that I can shout her name and hope really hard thet she'll respond.
What can I get for someone on her b-dae when u r really broke and payday is a week away? A card. And...??? But it's the thought that counts, isn't it? Hmm..
My mom asked, this morn, when will we get the car. I heck-care. Dun wanna think bout' it. She mentioned that the SPA thingy with her mom and aunt is postponed till nex' wk. So I guess she'll want me to drive, lah. Hello?! Last time I drive was during Hari Raya and I think my drivin skills are pretty rusty alreadi...And I'm goin to drive around in that brand-new car that I just bring out of the workshop??? I better warn the insurance company in advance....

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Wah, my frens damn cute, man...Told me there's a gathering cum b-dae celabration at ECP...I tot that it's a good deal..They even mention camping (sleep in tents) & maybe BBQ...Such an anti-climax..Maybe my fault awso...neva enquire early(got the info since last Sun)...
The actual and confirmed location of the gathering is at Woodlands...See how far it is??..But I guess I'm goin, after all. It's not often that there's a class gathering like this..(not if someone has the initiative to have it regularly)... hmm..This is one of the times that I wish the car arrived already...Easier to get ard...Can't wait!!! yar..yar...Hopefully I can still remember how to drive...Been a loong time, man!
Missed an important soccer match yest...How can I miss Spain?? Gosh! @#&%^$!!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Watching the Denmark vs. Italy match yesterday was such a waste of time!! No goals; the ball practically circulate in the centre. Blah! No mood to check out the players. Not when they hardly perform...My bro said(dunno if he's jokin or not) theat Italy's gonna have 3 penalties. I was like, "Huh?". He said that the mafias have paid certain ppl...Gettit? Wonder which grapevine he got it from... I hate it when the beauty of a game is disrupted by all the fouls and stuff. Bring on the game! The REAL game. If Italy gonna go on playin like tis, I lay my hopes only on France. Disparaissent les misters! Go monsieurs!!! (Lame attempt at French)...

Sunday, June 13, 2004

DON'T read this post yet. Read the one b4 this first..
Ok, lah I decide to con't with the CHANGI JOYRIDE stuff. Got lotsa'time to spare b4 the ultimate match between my fave team(France) & my kinda-disliked team(England). Dunno y I dun like Eng. so much. Maybe it's the captain. Maybe I had enuff' of the Premiership. Just dun like them. I dun like to jump on bandwagons but I'll stay by my France, still. Go France! Dun let me down!!!!
Ok, kinda' out of topic there..Where did I stop?? Oh the part where the door opened...Actually it's not the WHOLE door. It's a 2-leaf door, u c. So only 1 leaf opened. But, HELLO??!
At first it only opened ajar. 'Beezkut', who's sitting in front was like,"Alamak, the door opened! Door opened!!" He was by now lookin back. My bro told me later that he actually wind down his window hastily. Dun' blame him thou. He's sittin on the side where he'll be next to that door. Khai, who sat in the middle was lookin back while pretending to talk to my bro. 'Anjang' who actually opened the side door for ventilation already slide it close. Everyone was still. I was sittin at the back(beside the hind window). Then my bro(he's the onli one lookin in front) said,"Eh, pintu bukak lagi besar, lah!!" The single-leaf door is no longer ajar. It's fully open-to total darkness inside. Ok, that's it. This IS creepy. I was cursing my bro already. Can't he reverse for real? He's still driving into that driveway(near THAT door).He kept trying 2 get proper clearance while reversing & I notice that wheneva he had to make 3-pt turn(like what he's done previously), there's always a banana tree behind. I was hoping he neva hit it while reversing.(I was sittin at the back.) When he finally managed to drive off, all of us looked back at the bungalow. The opened door is like...Like it's actually welcoming us to come inside..Whoa..Goosebumps.
We came back to where that empty church is. My bro actually stopped there. They(the guys)got off. I was like, "What the..??" Heck, since they got off, no point waitin inside that stuffy van. I got off, too.The fresh air is..refreshing. Duh.
U knoe what e' guys did? They actually peed. Then they explore the nearby church. I watched from afar. They went behind the church, knock here, knock there..Then they went up the slope to the empty bungalow nex' door. Dunno wat they did there(can't see them already). I absorbed myself in the surrounding. I loove the peacefulness. The air so fresh(almost 3AM). So quiet. No wonder there are chalets here.
The guys explore the church area again before comin back to the van.I asked what they saw. I was told that a part of the church is extra chilly, like there's air-con. Whatever.
Next, we finally returned to civilisation. Got to 7-11. Bought snacks for early morning picnic @ Changi beach. Tol' my bro I gotta pee(weak bladder) and we stopped @ the beach toilet. No worries, it's brightly lit. We picnic near the water-breaker at Meetin point 2.Chill, man. The sky look like it's gonna pour its load but we heck-care.In fact, there's lightning every now & den.We snack around. The guys sang soppy luv songs(maybe that's why it's gonna rain) and juz' enjoy the breeze. My fav. momont is when the planes flew right above us and we can see their bellies. Kewl! Spent more than 1hr there b4 headin back to the chalet. The chalets in our row are empty so each group slept at the patio of the empty units. So tired liao..Zzzzz..We managed only 2-3hrs of sleep. Hangover.

CHANGI MIDNITE'JOYRIDE...Well, I've been keeping this for quite sometime, now. No mood, lah. Rememember my post about the chalet and I mentioned that on that very nite we went on a joyride to Changi to see some T/S. Right? I guess my bro was not being totally honest there. Apparently we went somewhere, first, before makin tat trip to Changi Point. He apparently made a stop first @ OCH. I knew something was wrong when he actually made a turn into a long, dark and extra-quiet road. when I see that dark, eerie building looming in front, I knew where we were. Idiots! I dun really mind the idea of goin there but he shld have the courtesy of informin us first. They mentioned the mortuary and drove to where it's at. Looks like the other building. We decide to move on and see the T/S(for real this time). We spot one and "she's" a hottie. Too bad the pic have not reached me yet but I will show when I have it..Her name's Fina. She looked like some Thai top model. Just too bad..The guys went ga-ga over her and actually went to have a photo-takin session with her. She graciously agreed(nothin much to do then, aniwae). A whole 15mins with us girls sittin in that van waiting for them to be done. Takper..takper..
The we aent to this cool area on the other side of the runway where you can see planes land & take off.There's some other cars there.We chill there for maybe 1/2hr b4 we drivin off.Turns out they have more on their sleeves..Those buggers!I tot' we r havin supper @ the food centre.Wrong.We came back to the road leadin to the OCH again.What else??!!We took a second look at the mortuary(wonder what's e fancination with this building..) before driving towards East Church Road.(not before goin to dead ends and tight security areas...)All buildings here looks like they've been there for the past century. And with electricity problems, I guess.No lighting except for the streetlites. That, or they are just plain abandoned. One dark building after another..Darks roads leading to even darker roads.I was told that these are actually chalets.My foot!Who'd wanna stay here? Maybe those authors with a major case of mental-block...Amongst the unoccupied bungalows is one where it's super-brightly lit.They assumed there's a lotta 'vice' goin on in there.Then we drove into this road further uphill, even thru' some big gates.Somethin tell me this area seemed restricted.Come to a dead end.Wrong lane.3-point turn.Road too narrow.Deep gorge.Great.
I heard them talkin bout 'The Bungalow On Top of the Hill'.Sounds cool (& eerie)We drove past this empty(& dark) church sitting within a large compound. Every plot of land here is huge! Beside it is a bungalow on a high slope.Eerie.I tot' that's THE bungalow they're talking bout.Wrong again. It's actually further up.Lotsa' lorries parked by the roadside.We drove past the ol' army petrol refill area.The place is like a vehicle graveyard.After a curvy, steep drive uphill, we began to see THE bungalow.Now I knoe what's fancination about...It is super-eerie.This is where the road comes to an end....After we 'admire' the sight, then my bro(the driver) said,"How to make 3-pt turn here?Road to small".Point taken.He then suggested that the only way to turn ard is by driving into the bungalow's driveway, meaning being IN the building area.Great.
I can swear I can sense everybody gettin tense, even the guys.We are gettin a close proximity with whateva we are fancinated about in tat bldg.Drivin in, we realized tat the driveway's too small for our vehicle(maybe meant for horsecarts only during those days..)My bro had to mave saveral attempts to get a clear space for a safe reverse(at the edge of the road is a deep gorge).We drove into the edge of the driveway numerous times. At maybe the 4th turn at the driveway....The main door of the bungalow ACTUALLY opened...No joke...
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Saturday, June 12, 2004

In 3 days, I sleep a total of..let see...3+4+3.5=10.5 hrs...I hr..I meant to sleep at least 7hrs(yah rite!)10.5/21hrs..Juz' pass...I need more sleep & yet I gotta watch W.S and the first eva' match for Euro'04...(Darn! Their timing clashed!) That will mean..I sleep ard 3+..Mean to wakie at 9(7th Heaven)...6+hrs...Ok, somewhere there...Phew!
Talkin bout Euro 04', juz who is my bet on??? Definitely France, baby...My fave players are there, their talents put together are simply unbelievable! What else..Who do I wanna c in the finals?? France(definitely), Italy, ,Spain, Portugal...But..That's who I WANT. Those I believe will be top-4 are France, Holland, England & Germany or Italy...I dun like England...But I admit, there are great players there..Why do they haf to be in the same group as France???@#%$&*!!
Oh.. and dun' look over Ukraine..They are rising like mad, I tell ya'... Oh here I freak..Had this veeeriii strong feeling that this lack of sleep may juz go on till next week...and the next..or next...Sigh...&Posted by Hello

Sunday, June 06, 2004

30052004 Sun-The Dae Of The BBQ.
It's work time. There's prawns(big ones), squids & sausages to skewer. The smell...ugh!. What to do, somebody's gotta do the work. 5 of us(Natra,Ayu,Effy,Suzy & myself) decide to do it production style-each of us 'handling' one station.Many unfortunate pokes and fishy business later, we decide to retreat to the balcony and get down to some R&B & hip-hop.Then it's Snakes & Ladders.We wish there's UNO.Then it's sandwich-making.
The other girls had wanted to go to the pool but I decide not to(I can actually smell the chlorine when I walked by the pool). Being girls, they decide to wait for the sun to be less glaring/hot b4 they take a dip. Finally when it's actually less sunny, they practically rushed there (like neva' c pool b4...). Hee..I just keep watch at the side(like a spare lifeguard) and take care of their things. Seriously it never crossed my mind that it's actually less sunny cos' it's gonna rain. Cos' that is what happened in less that 1/2hr.You should see how everyone scrambled out of the pool. Farnee..
Evening comes, it's BBQ time. Hung-wee, man..And the smell of BBQed seafood..Ahh...My bro's frens arrived around 5+. Darn, cake not here yet. Nothing to tie the balloons to the wall, even. Cock-up, I tell you. As soon as the cake arrived,we all rushed around to paste the baloons...light the the cake cutting ceremony..Sigh..So sweet..Double b'daes...And both b'dae boys so chubby. Cute!
Then the guys played soccer. My bro kena chased by a bunch of tots. Wah cute man..Imagine 8 kids chasing after a Botak guy with round belly...Then we hang out at the pool. Check out the shot of Khai in mid-air thru' e link..
Waiting for my fren, Nadia to arrive. She actually came at 11pm. By then almost everyone left(it's Mon the day after). Those staying overnite just hang around. When I spot my bro around, I asked about his plans for that nite. He mentioned a joyride to Changi. "Look for T/S(bapoks)," he said. Hmmm...Well, that's another story....
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Isn't he cuuuteee??!! That's my bro for ya', the b'dae boy-together with cousin Ika. Click here for the pictures. His b'dae is on the 31st & my cousin, the 29th. Cake cut on the 30th. Great timing. Posted by Hello
I noe..I noe..I was supposed to have updated this blog regarding the chalet ages ago...It's onli now that I can actually 'indulge' in doing this during my free time.
What happened during the chalet..Hmmm..Tell ya in the nex' blog....Okies??!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Sat-29052004...I overtimed till', 12+ the day B4. One hell of a day, man. My day starts early...Let's see..

0900-woke up..spent 45mins in the toilet..oh cousin stayed over.breakfast..thing is i didn't tell my dad the appt. with the car dealer is bet 9 & 10. It's almost 10 now.
0945-My dad decide on a place to rent van for the chalet. At City Plaza. Called to make appt.
1030-Finally settled with the van and we head there.
1115-Reached Leng Kee Road. Super-heavy rain.Went to cycle & carriage. Only Merc. and Mitsubishi cars. Where's KIA?
1130-Found KIA Motors. Raymond the dealer's busy with another customer. By the time he's done, there's another customer(my fault, not my appt. time).
1230-Confirmed. We, the Rajiken & family are official owners of a new KIA Rio Hatchback 1.5 Auto 'Pemium'. It's to be equipped with sport accessories..Spoiler,gear,rims,leather seats...
1245-Test drive..The person accompanying us damn fierce..Feels like a driving test.
1300-Rushed back, got hi-tea at 2.
1355-Finally got ready. My house so clean, ah?('Rona', our part-time helper is there to clean, if not..that will never happen).
1405-Already at Hilton Hotel. My fren (Nadia) not here yet. Sigh..Wait.
1420-Fren arrived. Went to the ballroom.
1430-Ceremony started..WE can start to eat..Cool!
1725-Hi-tea ended.
1755-Booked movie tix. Day After Tomo. Got fron't row to 815 show. Cialat.
1805-Prayers at Al-Falah mosque. Jemaah maghrib. Saw Shyba & her mom there.
1950-Went back to cineleisure. So weird to sit in front.
2225-Movie ended. Show's ok...
2305-Sent Nadia off @ Somerset mrt. Withdraw cash for taxi fare.
2335-Reached home. Empty as hell. No one home. Told dad I'm home. They start calling evry 15 mins aft. dat. Bring this, lah. Bring that, lah. Bro's coming to pick me up.
0030-Bro finally picked me up. Reached chalet (Costa Sands Pasir Ris) in 15mins.
0230-Can't sleep. Played othello with Ayu. Turning over those things are hell, man.
0405-Finally got sleepy. Slept.
0815-Woke up.
What a day, man!